My biggest satisfaction came from those who is willing to trust my theory, applied it into their life , then figure out their own understanding and eventually evolve from wherever they were stuck.  I know it might sound silly to some of you; but everytime I read any blog follower posted some comments sharing their personal experience which showed that they truly got what I was trying to say, I always felt this energy of excitement burst under my chest. 

I am not sure what really satisfy me when I am reading a post like that.  But I do know that I am so glad that someone finally understand what I was trying to say, and what kind of world I was trying to present - where everyone is strong, and everyone believe in who they are and what they do, then we will be able to create an strong connection that no one could defeat. 

I have been blogging for nearly 2 years now.  my readers went from couple hits a day to nearly 1500 hits a day now.  Blog is quite an amazing thing.  It's a place where I am able to share everything I know and everything I see.   Basically I could blog about some bizzare video I saw on Youtube, to a spiritul understanding that I just discovered by talking to my higher spirit.  Instead of worrying how other will project me, I decided to write them all.  Because that is me.  true me, whose mind seemed to be quite all over the places all the time.

 As now, it's a place I can truly be who I am without worrying how others will judge me.   I once believed what I know is not normal and often suffered from hiding myself from people finding out who I really am.  But after sharing everything I know and see those who is willing to believe me, applied my tips on their life and kind enough to come back and share with me, I felt grateful.  Grateful for the opportunity for me to share my world with you. 

So I thank you all for willing to listen to me, and share your life with me.   It is my greatest satisfaction to know someone is growing with me.  To a future we can foresee and a world we can create... Thank you all for being here. 

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