I grow up believing this is something that everyone knew, but recently realized that it seemed to be a completely news to most western friends of mine.  Well, that will include those Asians who were born here.  

It all started with a day trip to Granville Island with Friend and her family one day.   When I was browsing around the market and noticed fresh papaya, I told my friend's daughter who stood next to me and said "You should eat more papaya now.  It will help your breast develope.  I know you probably don't want that now, but you will definitely thank me when you are older."  Sure enough, it became a joke after they went home.  Later that night, when I ran into their family again in the park, my friend's husband looked at me with grimace and said "I've never heard that eating Papaya will help your breast develop."

"Of course you have never heard that." I said, "First, you are man. You don't need to care if you have big breast or not.  Second, you are not Chinese enough.  But eating papaya will help breast develop is something that every Chinese know that.  That's why we were always told to drink papaya milk when we were kids."  And then, my husband who lived in Taiwan for 3 years before protested "How come I've never heard of that either?  I've lived in Taiwan for 3 years, but I've never heard of that before!"  So I laughed and asked "Have you ever dated anyone who love to drink papaya milk?"  He answered "Of course."  So I continued "See! That's it then.  Why would they tell you that if they are trying to get their breast bigger for you?" 

In Asia, we do not just eat the food, we were also taught the nature of the food since we were young.  hot or cold quality of food, or PH nature of the food.  80% of Chinese knew the quality of food like it's part of them.  (Well, I am not sure that will include the younger generation since I've been living in Canada for too long.)  Those are something that our parent told us over and over since we were young.  Eventually, knowing what to eat is not knowledge, but more a common sense.  You will probably experienced some Chinese told you what to eat instead of telling you to go to the doctor if you ever experienced some kind of upset stomach.  

So, Papaya is one of that!  Yeah! the only one magical food that will help you develop your breast!!! Well, milk will help, too.  that's why Papaya milk is definitely quite popular in Asia. 

Since I am already hundred generation away from my smart Chinese Ancestors,  I do not know why and the reason for that. but it seemed to work generation after generation in Asia!  I believed the power of believe that all Asian contribute into the food must have something to do with it!  If you were Chinese, this is common sense!  If you were Western Country born Chinese, here you go.  Add papaya into your common sense list.  if you had never heard your parent talking about eating papaya will help your breast develop, have you ever seen your parent cook fish and papaya soup after you gave birth to a child?  They might tell you that it will help the 'breast milk' flow, but seriously; haven't you ever wonder why?

Anyway!  For you all Westerner... if you do not know what papaya could do to your body, here you go. it helps you develope your breast gland!!!  Whether it's true or not, it's what Chinese believes.  It always work if you believe, doesn't it?  So start young if you want to help your child 'develop'.   She might appreciate that when she is older. 

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