It's funny for me to realize that my kids definitely have very unique way of thinking.  


Recently, I found Max seemed to have trouble dressing properly.  Such meant that he would wear long sleeve and paints in hot sunny day, and T-shirt and shorts in cold rainy days.  It seemed weird to me that his sensation on his skin seemed off.  So I always asked him that 'why are you wearing that? Aren't you cold? Aren't you hot?".   But instead of going back to the room and change his clothes to proper ones, he often looked up at me with big smile on his face and said "I am crazy, Remember?"


Well... I had spent most of my time avoiding people calling me crazy, I thought, why would my kid seems to be quite enjoy in this particular phrase?  So I asked "Do you like people calling you crazy?"  Then he would shake his head and said "No, I don't like it."   So then I would ask again "Do you mind people calling you crazy?"  This is when he looked and me with deep though for a short second and answered "I don't mind people calling me crazy."   This is what often surprised me and wondering how could a 7 year old spoke in such a confidence that he doesn't care how others judge him?   So I asked "Why don't you care?"  Then this will sounds like the most certain fact he knew "Because I am your kid.  Remember?  You are crazy, too." 


Weird kid, I tell you.  Apple obviously don't fall far from the tree.  but how come they look so much calmer than I was when I was kid?  "And you don't mind that if anyone called your mom crazy and believe you are crazy, too?"  He often shook his head and laughed "Not really.  It's cool to be crazy sometimes."  


Well, I am not sure how much I influence them, but I do have to admit that I was often surprised to see they believe in something with such a confidence.   I often wondered, if they didn't care how they were called, why would I care so much when I was kid?


And then, Arabella seemed to discover that she could read someone's mind sometimes.  So when people looked at her with surprise and questioned "How do you know?", she always seemd so proud and said "Because I am magical."  


After hearing this phrase couple times, I started asking her and said "So, you are as psychic as me?"  Arabella often smiled at me and said "No. you are the psychic, and I am magical."   haha... I am not sure what magic has to do with reading people's mind, but she was obviously quite proud of that.   So I asked again "Doesn't that bother you?".   She then gave it a 2 second thought and smiled "No. Not really.  I kind of like it sometimes."  


As I believed my children must be my task, and this is how it often presented to me.  they seemed to be okay with whatever skills that I used to dislike myself for when I was kid.   I think I am now taught by them, little by little, bit by bit, to finally be okay with whatever skill I have and still trying to find balance with. 

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