I've never thought about this, but it was funny to hear from a friend that most of Westerner interpretate Psychic as mind reader. They would expect me to read their mind and tell them what they already know in order to judge how good I am. 


Well, now it finally make sense for me that why would some clients sat there and asked "Do you want to tell me something?"


Something? I often puzzled and replied "No, but do you want to ask me something?" 


Considered I do charge fair amount of money for consultation, I would expect most my clients to use their time efficiently.  So why would they ask me if I have something to tell them since they are the one who want to come and see me? But now, it finally make sense.  They are expecting me to "READ MIND".  haha... maybe I should start putting a sign in front of my door indicating that I do not read mind, so both my client and I could start using my time more effeciently.  (yes, I really don't like to waste my time if I don't have to.)


No! Let me clarify here - I do not read mind! (If you expect someone like Edward in Twilight!)  Even if I do, I probably won't waste my time listenning to what others had to say.  Intention though, is another thing.   I do sense intention if you have one, but it could be quite general.  I would not know what it is unless you starts showing the sign or it happens to be something I am familiar with.  Otherwise, i would not know how you are going to put your intention in words. 


For a client sitting in my chair asking me "what do you want to tell me?"  is like asking me "What do you know about me?".  Well, if you were me, you will be sitting there thinking what do you want to know about you? your personality? your marriage? your works? Your children? your future? your past? your long passed parents? your ex? your soulmate? your purpose of life? your spirit guide? your guidient angel? your past life? your relationship with your sibling? or aunty? or uncle you don't get along well.... Really!! what do you want to know about YOU?


So if you do not ask, I won't open all the channel just for you!  I personallly believe it is such a waste of time and energy, and of course, your money, too.   Just picturing this; whenever I have a client sitting on my chair, your spirit guide already grant my permission to access all the database I need to access about you.  So there I was, sitting there with all the database about you (Not only you as this life, but everything about you ever since you were created as energy.) with you asking me what I know about you.  I would rather ask "why don't you tell me what you want to know about you?"  Be specific about your own question, it will then save both our time and your money.


Although I don't read mind, I do sense your intention that you wanted to know how good I am.  But please understand this part of me.  I do not care how people think of me as good or bad psychic.  There's reason why I do not advertise my ability nor I would ever announce what I know without people asking.  I would coach you because somehow you found me, or your friend care about you enough to refer you to me as I once promised to my spirit guide that I will only coach someone who is able to find me and sit on my couch.  So here you go... If you want to know I am good or not, give me your best questions and test me out in 5 minutes so we could all move on to our life instead of looking at me with your doggy big eyes and expecting me to read your mind.  Because I don't.  


Not all psychic is mind reader and not all mind reader is psychic, either.  

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