You will probably hear lot of ‘spiritual people’ talking about ‘the sign’.  Well, I also know many of you will interpretate those who read the sign as someone who read into things too much.  Well, they might be or they might not.  But if you ever figure out how the sign is presented to you, you will eventually understand reading the sign doesn’t mean people reading into things too much.  It could just mean they saw it when their spirit guide is trying to communicate with them.  Because ‘signs’ is definitely a way your spiritual guide communicate to you.

Not everyone will see the same sign, therefore, not everyone will understand what you see, either.   Considered the sign is a message that only customized for you and you only.  People who you share your sign to, may often not understand what you are talking about.  Sign is like a secret language that only you speak in your own kingdom.  So you will often have to explain a whole lot more before someone could actually understand what you meant by your sign.

This is to say that everyone will have to figure out their own way to understand the sign your spirit guide try to communicate with you.  Since it’s a secret language that only you and your spirit guide would understand, you will simply have to practice in order to get perfect.  But once you get a hand of it and able to identify which one is the sign and which one is something you read into too much, you will then have good fun with it.  Well, I am sure your spirit guide will have fun, too.

But here is the tips for you.  Since your spirit guide is the only one that know you the most and plan everything around it.   So your sign will often appear in a way that you will understand.  If you miss it once, do not worry, they will continuously hit you with the signs until you finally get it!  (Yes, that’s how patient your spirit guide is!) So, do not waste your time looing for the sign.  It will just show up without you even looking for it.

and this post is not for those who already know how to read the sign, this is for those who often told me that they do not see ANY sign.   Well, as I said earlier that everyone will have different experience when it comes to reading the sign.  I can only share with you the most common signs for your reference.

If you can tell 3D movie from a 2D one, or identifying digital surround sound away from stereo type, or make it simpler for you… if you ever noitce the repetitive event happens around your, you most likely could read ‘the sign’.

As for me, when my spirit guide have something to tell me, he will often just tell me!  But there were time when I thought he was too noisy and decided to block him out of my life, that was time when he decided to hit me with numerous sign until I finally got it!  They often came from all over the place.   It could be a slogan on bus which happend to stop right by me, a phrase in movie dialogue, some word or phrase in the book I just randomly picked up from the bookstore for a quick glance, A headline title in the newspaper, a music I heard through the radio… well, you got the picture.  sign could be hidden EVERYWHERE.

And how do I know it’s the message for me?  Well, it’s like I am really a 2D book, and all of the sudden, certain phrase or word became 3D!  (Yes! 3D) they literally will popup like they are in their own dimension that I will not be able to read anything else but noticing how ‘popup’ they are.  Or it can be a very specific song that play everytime I turned on the radio. (Believe it or not, I do not listen to the radio that often.  I often travel with my ipod) Or there was time that radio always play exactly the same song whenever I got into the car.  Coincident, you might said.  But if you understand everything I undestand, you will know that nothing is coincident – they all happen for a reason.

Your sign will often stop once you understand it or got the idea.  Or you could just be like me, yell out to your spirit guide and said “enough already!”.  Yes, it will stop once your get it.  Otherwise, it will continously happen in your life until you eventually notice it. (For regular people, the sign often sound like this – it’s weird, I seemd to see XXX or hear OOO everytime I go somewhere…)  So, instead of saying “you read into it too much’ whenever someone told you they saw ‘the sign’, how about asking them to explain their sign to you and see if that sign make any sense at all.  After all, help them understand their sign will stop the sign from happening, but denying them will only make them believe they are cray while at the meanwhile, their spirit guide will probably still try to communicate with them.


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