This is a book that always caught my eyes, but I'd never once pick it up and read what it is about.  

Until recently, Ingrid had posted something on her blog introducting what the book is about. 

It then got my interest and started looking into their website 1000 awesome things

Really! how awesome is that?!

We often heard the term -"count your blessing", but how often do we really count our blessing?

The book of awesome (well, i think I simply liked the word - awesome) is basically a book with all kind of blessing people counts. 

Such as 

#432 - When the crosswalk changes to walk just as you approach it. It’s like the universe knew you were coming. AWESOME!

#691 - When you flip to a radio station just as a song you love is starting. AWESOME!

#526 - When dreams come true. AWESOME!

I do not care whether you read the book or not, but I do believe it is about time to start your own book of awesome!

Write down everything you ever thought was 'awesome', so maybe one day when you were down, it would be such a great book to read, don't you think?

anyway, here is the trailer for the book of awesome!

Really! How awesome is that?! nowaday, even the book has 'trailer'?!


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