I guess this must be a task that I needed to work on. 

Recently, I realized that Arabella had develope the skill of reading (sensing) minds.  It seems like she was able to know just exactly what I was thinking when I intentionally trying to block it from her.  It all started with some joke, having her guess what I wanted to eat or drink.  But somehow, she is getting better and better.  Sometimes, she seemed to react to my thought without me saying a word of anything.   so I am observing whether she is like that to me only, or she had develope the skill in general?  As I said... Still observing. 

And in the other hand, Max seemed to start seeing invisible sometimes.  Obviously not all the time.  I am trying to figure out what trigger it.  But the other day, he pointed out there was a fairy in my car. Well, I understand that I can see it, but how did he see it?!  So I asked "How did you know?" I looked at the glitter fairy with puzzled eyes, I was certain the fairy couldn't figure that one out, either.  Then my son answered me and said "They glitter different kind of light. like a white flash dot of light." Then I was surprised "But, how do you know?" and then, my 7 year old looked at me with the thought of "what's the big deal?"on his face and said "I just do."

I don't get it! How come my kids react to such skill with such a normal mind?  Like it is part of them, or something they just know?!

the reason I believed this must be my task, because I had spend most of my life trying not to be one with any special skill.  And here they are, both of them, my higher spirit must believe it's not enough for me to work on myself only, and decided to add on my kids, too!  I had the most miserable life as kid - not only I was not growing up in a normal family, my skill definitely added up more difficulty to it.  So I started to wonder what my kids would think?  Would they reject that part of them as much as I did? Or will they know how to use it and also learn to live their life fully?

I guess, I won't be a mother if I don't worry anything about my kids.  When I expressed my concern to friends, they all laughed and said "What do you expect? They all have a psychic mom!"  So I defended "Having a psychic mom doesn't mean they have to be psychic, too!"  So my friend comforted "At least, look at the bright side.  You didn't have anyone to guide you, but they all have you".  Well, it's true, but I am not sure I will be a good guidance to them, considered kids will always trying to find a way to fight their parents!

So at this stage, I am not sure what else to think, but I do hope, they will eventually grow up knowing how to balance that part of them, and having ability to coach those around them how to balance their life with the universe. 

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