I have been quite amazed by human anatomy these days. especially the whole function of the ears!

I am sure all of you know that the reason people could hear "the sound' is because the vibration reach to your ear drum, it then send the signal into your brain and then 'sound' would be created. 


The whole process to create the sound is quite amazing to me, too. 

picturing air flow through your throat, it then create vocal vibration. 

Really! the whole sound process is not really "sound", it is simply vibration going from one end to the other. and then when the signal reach to your brain, created a meaning of this vibration, it then turned into "the sound"!

(Common, isn't this amazing?! Or am I the only one who is excited here?!)

I was so excited to tell my husband couple days ago and tell him that, the whole ear function is SO amazing!  See!  The sound is only a vibration. how would the vibration turned into different pitch and tone when it reachs into our ear?  Don't you find it amazing?!  

sure enough, my husband simply believed I am making it a big deal. "isn't it a common sense?" He asked. 

But I am not sure it is common sense for everyone to know that the sound is created by vibration!  If so, why would people always insist that they will have to hear 'the sound' in order to hear?  If they all understand the sound is indeed created by the vibration, don't it considered hearing as soon as they can sense the vibration?!

How would it be hearing if you don't hear the sound? (I am sure many of you will ask)

But I believed that many blinds could tell who is around by sensing the vibration in the air.  Because the density in the air got interrupted.  Everything move will influence the movement of the air.  Blinds don't have eyes to see, so they will use their sensation to 'see'.  In the other hand, when somone is staring us from the back, we usually could sense that, couldn't we?  Because the balance of the energy got interrupted, and that's how we noticed there's something's wrong.  Most of pepole could sense this.  and those are some kind of hearing without the sound is created.  Don't you think?

The reason I am so excited is because I think I finally figuring out a way to teach people how to communicate with 'other' dimensions. 

There are lot of people always insisted to me that they do not see or feel anything that is not tangible.  Or, they would tell me that they do not know how to communicate with heart. 

But I seriously believe that there is no special technic in communicating with spirit, but how you use your sensation.

If you insist to hear 'the sound' from the spirit, I am sure you will never hear them. (that's something I often said in my blog)

Basically, you will have to give up hearing in order to hear them. 

Understand 'sound' is not tangible at all, (no one could grab it or touch it) but everyone believe it's a solid thing. 

Okay, if that's the case.  In order to hear 'the sound', understand how 'the sound' is created. 

Sound is created by wavy vibration in the air, such vibration reach into your ear, your ear then send the signal into your brain.  then the vibration turned into a very specific tone in your brain and becomes 'sound'

Now, if you gave up believing your ear is the only tool to analyse such a vibration, but every part of your body could do just the same job. (in the other word, every part of your baby could be used as 'the ear'), you should then be able to 'hear' all kind of sound. 

I mentioned in earlier post before that the power of though is energy, all spirit exsit, all fairies exist... Everything I see, everything I feel, any of their existence could easily influence the density in the air. 

Understand their existence would change the density in the air, it should then create the vibration in the air around you. (Just like the ripple you created when you throw a rock in the water.)

We all know that fishes have very bad eye sight.  They often use their judgement base on the movement in the water in order to know where the food is, where the enemy is or where the borderline is. 

If you compare human to fish and where we surround as the pool.  then when there's a ripple created in the enviroment we stayed in, we should all sense it, don't we? Base on this sensation, we should be able to know what that element is. how far is it. what kind of though, good guy or bad guy etc. 

sure it will take focus and practices to get a hand of this.  But I believe that your skin is way more sensative than your ear, considered there are pore everywhere on your skin in order to receive any signal or vibration and send it to your brain.

Anything if your ear can hear, I am sure your skin could, too.  Don't you think?

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