most of people are often afraid to know anything spiritual world. 

Mostly because we do not know how to handle anything that is not tangible, or rather said that we were very brainwashed by Hollywood telling us how scary ghost are or devil could do to harm our life.  

Well, if you know what I know.  You will understand that they will have completely no power over you unless you contribute your energy to assist them(Fear is a common element to feed them). which I wished I will have some time to explain later. 

But what I was trying to say here is that spiritual world doesn't have to be only about ghost or devil, angel or god.  it could be about energy, mind, thought, emotion, it's about knowing what's around you and use it or generate it to make thing happen. 

Thanks to the theory of 'the law of attraction', there are more and more people open to the world that they do not see, and open to the idea that everything is possible. 

For the most people I knew; they might started feeling afraid of knowing more about spiritual world, but as now they knew better how things work and how they could easily generate energy to make things happen, they all have the same attitude that they would not want to go back the way they were; living their life not knowing. 

Knowing the task of life would give you a sense of direction, knowing who you are and what you can do can give you a sense of confidence.  Knowing how to generate energy and make things happened in your life, having strength to stand up from falling and believing failure was only the process of wisdom gaining, you will then have the sense of contentment.  It was then, you will start to have fun in life and connect with the universe. 

Spiritual world is not as scary as you thought. (Well, I was one of you before)  People are afraid because 'unknown', and that's why I am hoping to explain as much as I could about 'the world' I saw and feel, hoping it would ease your fear of feeling unknown. 

Spirit is in you, so learn to leave with it instead of feelign afraid by it!

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