Having dinner with my family the other day, my son suddenly announced "I want to be rich when I am older!"

I looked at him and smiled "Sure, then you will have to change your sentence form I want into I will.  If you keep saying that for 5 years, I am sure you will be rich one day."

My son quietly structed the sentence in his head, and then looked at me with confusion and asked "Why?"

I answered "Because, most of people who said 'I want', don't really believe that they will be one.  But...if you started saying 'I will', eventually, you will re-program the setting in your head, and becoming the one you said you will be."

Max think about it for awhile, trying to changed the sentence as I directed, "I will..." before he could even finish his sentence, he shaked his head and commete "No, I don't think I will."

So I asked "Why?"

Max replied "Because I am too young"

I laughed "That's why you have to start young!  I didn't say you will be rich by saying it couple times.  I said you will have to say it 5 years, before it starts happening to you."


Lot of people often wish how the future will be, so they often said I want this or I want that. 

But their subconsciousness didn't really agree with what they want. 

It's easy if you ever want to check your consciousness is synchronized with your subconsciousness; 

you simply have to change your sentence from 'I want' into 'I will'.

If you have difficulty saying that or feeling diffidence, you then should know that you don't really believe you will turn into something you want.

In this case, rather than making things happen for you,

you often waste too much energy struggling between consciousness and subconsciousness.

That kind of enery would prevent anything from happening in your life.

The setting in human's mind is like a magnet, 

you will attract whatever you believe. 

Self- brainwash is a very powerful tool, but most of people couldn't even use it properly. 

They kept saying that the law of attraction didn't apply to them, now knowing that their subconsciousness never believe it should. 

In order to achieve the effeciency of the law of attraction, you will have to first make sure that your subconsciousness agree with your consciousness. 

Only then, you will be able to have enough energy to attract things to happen in your life. 

So, spend some time to test it out, and check if you really believe you will be what you want. 

If not, remember I mentioned that Self-brainwash is a very powerful tool? 

Start using it, and change all your sentence from I want into I will!

There's nothing more powerful than changing your own setting with your own mouth! 

If you say it long enough, you will be able to see the difference and sense how you started believing things might actually happen to you!

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