Even though lot of you don't see 'ghost', but some of you do feel or sense them around. 

But the most common action people take right after feeling ghost hanging around is to 'block them', so it wouldn't bother you. 

A friend told me the very same issue over a camping trip.

He said that he does feel the ghost around him from time to time, but he would just block them out so they wouldn't be able to bother him at all. 

So I asked; would you let some stranger come into your house, mess your house and you just sit and watch?

He answered with absolute confidence, "Of course not!"

"So why would you allow a ghost to walk into your house and mess up the energy in your house?" I asked. 

Well, I am sure many of you would have exactly same answer as him "because the human is tangible, and the ghost is not"

Most of people don't know what to do with 'things' that they simply cannot 'touch'.

But there are lots more things than ghost that we do not touch.  such as energy, air, smell, thought and feeling etc.

We know how to cope with them by looking into the source of it.  which was to say that we will clean up the house, if messness started generate frustration.  We will clean up the source if the air feel filthy, or try to think something positive if we noticed we are getting negative toward thing. 

So, why not do the same to the 'ghost' if you feel their existence. 

Knowing how to cope with ghost, you will first have to understand their existence. 

Ghost is the spirit who still believe they are 'human' - so they think and act like human.  Which was to say that they still 'believe' they need a shelter if it rains, they still believe they need to eat and rest like a human. 

Thank to the way they still think like human, 80% of ghost are actually 'nice'.  like those people on the street when you go shopping.  they do not bother you, and you do not bother them.  80% of the ghost population actually understand that they are dead, and they will often try as hard as they can, not to bother any human around them. 

Aside from those 80% population, there are 15% of ghost population would wish to interact with human.  Such mean that they may still have some undone business or something unsaid before they were dead, so they would wish someone who can see them to help them or they would try to make a sense to announce their existence.  

Are they harmful?  Not at all.  After all, they are just trying to look for some help.  If you can help them, great!  If you don't see them or feel them, even better!  because your life shouldn't be bothered by something you don't even see or feel, don't you think?

Among 100% of ghost population, there are only 5% is existing with 'bad' intention.  Well, when I said bad that doesn't mean they are evil.  when I say bad, that means they enjoy being a ghost and practice all those hollywood trick on what ghost could do they saw before they were dead.  those are the ones you want to make sure that they would never step a foot into your house. 

and how do you do that?  First, own up your energy and announce your property.  Remember how we could easily scare our energy by looking certain and firm?  That's because we are annoucning our property, knowing we are who we are and we are not going to allow anyone to hurt or harm us!  by doing that, we could scare human.  so trust me, you will have no problem scaring a ghost who doesn't even have a body. 

you can easily put a ghost who bother you into a dimension that they would not bother anyone.  which I will explain later sometime.  

For now, let's make sure you know how to stop a ghost messing up the energy in your house.  if you fail to do what I suggested above, remember those 80% of good ghost I explained earlier?  Ask for their help.   Most of them keep it very low key because they do not want you to notice their existence.  But if you ever ask them to help, they most likely would.   Ask them to kick that specific ghost out of your house, believe me, they will be more than delight to.  But do ask.  Because as much as they might not like that ghost, they would usually remain unnoticeable to make sure their existence is not causing 'you' any discomfort. 

asking 8 ghost to kick out one ghost would definitely be much easier than you trying to grab something in the air. 

Ghost cannot create any physical harm without human contribute any energy into them.  (which I will try to explain later sometime)  so when you do feel and bother by them, own up your energy and annouce your property.  that would already scare most of the ghost who would be surprise that you even notice their existence. Otherwise, don't worry about them.  Especially for those who don't see or feel them, what is it to worry about any way?  After all, they would be like air to you. Don't you think?


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