Let’s started the book with the element that I was familiar the most.   Ghost is something that I live and grew up with, almost as far as I could remember.  I went from being afraid of them, panic or bothered by their existence to a point that I simply don’t care if they were around.  

No, they do not bother me like how Hollywood make their best box office seller, nor influence me as every psychic thought they should be.  For me, they were simply some kinds of beings – a type of being that’s no different from you and me.   I would describe ghost is like air.  You know they exist and probably could sense or feel them sometimes, but you simply have no way to ‘touch’ them.

We lived quite peacefully with each other in our own parameters until some of them started trying to communicate with me 8 years ago.   At that point, you probably could picture how I felt.  Panic, of course, because they were supposed to live in their dimension without interfering mine.  But somehow, they decided it was about time to try to talk to me since after all, I do see them, sense them or even felt them.

At the beginning, I refused to talk to them.  Because as much as I know they exist, that didn’t mean that I ought to talk to them or even befriend with them! But they persist and persist like you would not believe.  If you ever thought some human had so much time in their hand, wasting their life doing thing that simply didn’t make any sense to you, then ghost definitely have all the time in their hand with only one purpose in their mind – why am I here and what do I do now.  They would all stand by my bedside staring at me just to make sure that I noticed their existence. 

That resulted nearly 3 months of terrible sleepless night.  Till the moment that I finally decide to talk to them and get back my peaceful night, it was to my surprise that the one I have to communicate turned out to be a great Japanese soldier who had died nearly 300 years ago!  Who continuously spoke a language that I do not understand.

Great. I thought, now what?  How do I communicate with a ghost who spoke a language that I have no clues at all?  What am I supposed to do with him?  As much as I wanted him to get away from my bedside, out of my house for good, I had no way to make my point clear to him if he didn’t speak the language I know.   

This was when my ‘Buddha’ (at that time) told me to communicate to him with my heart.  With heart - Of course, that’s a term that people used a lot. We often heard the society taught us to feel the world with our heart and love the one with our heart.  But when it came down to talking to a ghost who did not speak any language you know of, you did have to wonder – how?

It then took me another 3 days after my first attempt trying to talk to that Japanese soldier to realize that communicate to a spirit by heart means to give up everything you know about listening and talking, but feeling him with every sensation you have other than words.   It was then I felt his emotion, how his missed his family and wanted to go back home. 

Okay, I hope I am not the only one crazy here. I can understand helping a modern ghost reunite with his family if he just died not long ago, but how do you help a ghost who already died more then 300 years to return home?

At this point, you must think that my ‘Buddha’ would help me solving this.   Of course she did, (by the way, she was Guan Yin at this point, who later on decided to hang me over to another higher spirit whom I had no way of calling him.) she did help me by telling me to figure it out myself. 

It took me another 2 days trying to talk him out of his identity, for the fact that I did not know how to bring him home. (Or rather said that even if I did, I didn’t want to.  Knowing he would just be first of many more to come.)   When he finally releases himself from the identity he trapped himself with, which was when I saw the light where they evolved into a spirit that is higher than human form.

The light, I didn’t understand at that time, could easily felt the sense of warmth and direction.   I thought that must be what they all called ‘God’, a way supreme spirit who everyone could look up to was then coming to guide the lost soul. 

After they experience, my spirit guide continuously sending me tasks for me to work on.  I had encountered ghost from Demark, Germany, Mexico and whatever countries you think I would not speak the language and too far back in the history to even trying to deal with the issue.   Yes, I had practiced to talk them all to let go of their identities and let go of whatever keeping them in ghost form.

It took me years to work with them to be able to conclude them into 4 different group of ghost.  You may start seeing me describe all spirit in levels later on in the book, which I will also describe why later.   Till then, let’s talk about ghost now.

 Ghost to me, are those spirit who still hang on to their previous identity before they died.  Who live and believe they were still so and so, who still carried on all those hobbits they created while they were alive.  So they might look for the shelter when it rains, or even believed they were cold when it snows.   They might even response to the name when you call them.  They are ghost because they still believe they ‘own’ a name.

Under the categories of ghost, there are 4 different groups.  

Group one; I called them the ghost who committed suicide.   Ghost who committed suicide would often create a virtual reality bubble before they killed themselves.  This resulted in them living in this bubble world where they couldn’t hear anyone calling out for them – not even the best psychic in the world.  In the other word, they would not bother you since they couldn’t even see or hear you.   The cause the made them kill themselves would often repeatedly playing in this bubble until they started to realize what lesson they were supposed to learn from it.  It was then the bubble would start to crumble and a psychic would be able to talk to them.  Their spirit guide would then help them into next level.  As for me, I personally don’t like to work with those spirits who committed suicide; they are often as stubborn as hell, just like how they didn’t listen before they died.  So I would wait until the bubble crumbled before I even tried to talk to them, otherwise, I would just be wasting my energy and time.

Group two; which is the majority of ghost.  They are the one you live with every day, but not even feeling or bothered by their existence.  (Surprising, isn’t it?  Group two actually takes up 80% of ghost population)...

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