Me - I would like to say that I am like everyone else, which was something I had tried most of my life to be anyway.  It was only recently I realized that I couldn’t really say that, since I am not particularly like everyone else.   I do have a skill that may be ‘a little bit’ different from others.  But hey, don’t we all have something different from others, and that’s what makes us somewhat different and unique from others?

The small skill that I had which is different from others is that I see ghost.  Other than this, I am seriously like every others – I have a professional skills, I am a mother of two, I have a family, I eat and sleep, I have a mother and a father, siblings and relatives… well, I am sure you can fill the rest yourself.

Well, I know many of you will tell me that seeing ghost is not a big deal.   That’s right, because that was what I thought before, too.   Until my life was turning totally upside down by my spirit guide (which I will explain later in the book) nearly 8 years ago, I thought seeing ghost was definitely not a big deal – at least, not something I shall be panic about. 

After committing to my spirit guide that I would take on whatever classes he throws on me for 10 years.  After being panic for full 8 years, night and day, 24 hours and 7 days a week.   After seeing the world I should have seen – or I thought I shouldn’t have seen, I now decide to write this book – In spirit.

I am definitely not writing this book to show that I am any way more supreme than any of you, but rather give back to whatever belongs to you at the first place.   Everything I see, you all have the ability to see.  Everything I know, you all have the right to know.  It’s not that you don’t have all those abilities I have; it’s just that you were trained by the environments to forget.

So here I am, I will lay it all to you – the world that I see and feel.  Whatever you wanted to do is completely up to you.  After all, those are parts of you that you simply don’t see.  I don’t own them, but I do wish you all to be in spirit – whatever spirit you wish to be. 

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