This is a commercial without any conversation, but it's quite touching.  Thought I should share with you all. 

The energy in between people should be felt without words.  the bonding in between 2 people should be understood without explaination. 

But people depend on language too much these days.  They believe things didn't exist unless the language is able to describe it. 

So this commercial would be a good example, if you can still feel something, that meant that part of you still exist. 

Language was first created to assist human to express themselves to others, but not to the only way.  

Nowaday, we depend on it so much that we had given up how to feel. (the only part that was connected to all natures and universe)

Feel with your heart, and be connected with the world you live in.

Sometimes, word is not the only way of communication, but your heart is.   

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