third-eyeThird eye...

In Chinese defination is the eye that locate in the middle of the forhead which allows you to see the "spirit" world.   This gifted eyes is often given permission by gods and open by god.  Only them who can decide whether you are capable on seeing or not...

Honestly, Not that I know exactly what this means...

But when I go back to Taiwan, especially when I am dealing with some religious people, they often talk to me about opening third eye or closing third eye...

Obviously, Seeing spirit is a gift from god, not something people are born to have.

My aunt is quite a religious person, She often debat with me on why God has chosen me to see, not her.

She often complain to me: Why does god open your third eye, not mine?

I: third eye?  What's that?

She: It's the eye that locate on the middle of your forhead which allows you to see all the spirits. 

I: If it's locate on MY forhead, why do I need "God" to open it for me?  ( I will assume that I should be able to open it myself...)

She: Well, God has the power to decide who can see, and who cannot see..

I:  If that's the case, can you ask them to close mine?  ( considered I am quite tired of seeing things and pretend I don't see by now.)

She: Well, since you can see them.  Why don't you ask them?

Right.  I obviously forget I see them.  So I turned to my high spirit and asked: Do I have so-called "third eye"?  If so, can you close it?  ( If I have known I am able to close it by asking "God", why would I have chosen to torture myself for nearly 30 years?)

But My higher spirit simply just looked at me and smiled.  I didn't think he was going to do anything more...

My anunt then interrupted: So?

I looked at my higher spirit, and quite confidently said: I don't think that's their business.

She: How could it be?

I: How could I know?

She: Why don't they close your third eye?

I: How come you ask me like I ought to know why?  (But I basically do not think they have to right to decide whether I can see spirits or not...)

She: Then, can you ask them: why don't they open my third eye?

I looked back to my higher spirit, and got the same smile back:  I really don't think that's any of their business. 

She: then, who's business is it?

I receive his signal and replied: that's YOUR business. 

She: how could it be?  I REALLY want to see, but I still cannot see...

At this moment, I start to see her higher spirit.  Then I seems to know why...:  Because... It's not time yet.

She: When will be the time?

I: How would I know?

But her anxiety does got me wondered:  Why are you so eager to see spirits?  ( Not that I enjoy seeing them so far...)

She: Because it allows me to see things I need to see...

Need to see?

I never think those spirits are something I NEED to see. If it's something I need to see, why are they making my life so miserable and complicated?  Isn't life itself already complicated enough for human to deal with?  Why are people so eager to see the world they don't see?

She: Because it make it easier for me to help others. ( refer to those religious beleiver)

Why?  I asked: Isn't it the same when I am able to help you right now?

She simply believe it's different!  Bottom line is that She does not have the gift!! Therefore, she doesn't believe she is blessed...

Later on, I notice the only reason she doesn't see.  It's because she is TOO religious!

Seeing with religious mind will only make people to justify everything they see if they see any. 

By justifying seeing, it may also twisted the true meaning of value in spirit... don't you think?


Anyway, what I am saying is...

I still don't know what "Third Eye" is. 

And I really don't know why some people are so EAGER to own third eye?

And I really do not know what they expect to see if they do have third eye?

(But I can tell you this: most of spirit do not look as nice as you think.  Especially when you encounter "DEVIL", I would definitely choose never go back to that time where I thought it would NEVER END...)


But the point is...

If so-called third eye is refer to the ability like mine; seeing everything...

Then, I can confidently tell you this, 

This ability do not need anyone to open it for you,

As long as you want to see, you will see. 

But prior to this, please make sure you are ready for it. 

When you are ready to see the heaven, please be ready to see the hell, too. 

(But do not worry of bads... one day, you will eventually feel nothing just like me.)

And also... 

You wil have to give up seeing before seeing!

Do you understand this?

If not.  Following is what my higher spirit said:

You will see nothing with your eyes, 

but you will see everything with your heart. 

Hope this will help those who really want to see...
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