49864963c1e18Not sure if any of you believe this:  Women only love bad boy...


I heard this term these days, and it does got me thinking: Do women only love bad boys?


 A client who I sent backed and asked him to work within himself, found out who he really is...

The first thing he decided to do after assuming he has done his home work is...

Re-take a photo which make him look like a ganster, posted on the on-line dating site and expecting to find true love...

(Well, he personally is nothing like a gangster.  In the matter of fact, he should be crown as Mr. nice.)

So, I can only ask my friend who has brought him to me the first place to pass the message:  

Everyone has 7 seconds to decide their first impression.  If he really post a photo like a ganster, but truely is a nice guy in person.  Then, his first impression will be sending a message as he is a liar!  Then... no matter how hard he try later on, most of women will label him as a liar.

My friend agrees: I have told him this. But he believe that Women only love bad boy!

(By the way, being a ganster is not what we refer as bad...)

But the point is...

Does women really only love bad boys?

When a guy totally belittle you, doesn't respect you, sleep around, and treat you like nothing....

Do we really like this?

Or, we will start wondering what it is with this guy that we are attracted to at the first place?

At the mean time, you may still feel that you love him, but just not knowing why...


Honestly, Not that All women love bad boys...

it's just that all bad boys have the same characteristics!  

It is these... They always know what they want, what they don't want!  What they like, what they don't like!  Their preference doesn't depend on others, but depends on how much they know themselves. 

At the meanwhile, they respect they own body as part of their soul, they are unlikely to make themselve look messy or heavy. 

Due to this society has too many lost souls, 

Most of people do not know what they want, what they don't want.   

When they believe they are confident individual, they are also trapped by the culture, society and how others judge them. 

So, when we see those who is able to live freely without being trapped by how society judge them, 

we then are very easily attracted to that. 

Because, we wish to be just like them...

(not as bad as them ,but like them know what they want, do not want.  Live for themselve, not to be trapped by family, cultures and many others)


So, Does Man have to be a bad boy bofore women to love him?

Well, not really.  

It should be this... As long as a man know what he want, confident on who he is, and able to bring out his true sense, women will love that!

Don't you think those who is confident seems to shine no matter where they are?


So... Women only love bad boys?

I don't think so!

When we are attracted by a bad boy, I think we are only attracted to the confidence they carried. 

So, If you simply want to be a bad boy, then this advice won't be for you. 

But if you are someone who believe becoming a bad boy will help you find true love?

My suggestion is ... please spend some time to find out your true self in order to find true love. 

Because, everyone love confident people. 


Women may love bad boy, the length of time won't last too long. 

If there's woman who ONLY love bad boy...

It's also very obvious that she has totally lost her soul. 

If you are friend to one of those, please help them out by talking to them. 

If you have tried everything and nothing you can do will make any different, please let them be!

Because it's obviously some task of life they have picked up to learn how to respect themselve.
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