wwyd_talentThese days, I have found this show quite interesting.  It's "What would you do" from ABC News. 

It basically have some actors act up some real life event and test how by stander would do or react.

There are example like...

what would you do if you see someone drug the drink for a woman in the club?

What would you do if you see some employer totally belittle their nanny?

Believe it or not...

Most of us will choose to do nothing, and few of us will choose to speak up or even act up.

We live in this world where we only mind our own business that not many people will choose to take an action to a situation that does not matter to us, even when we totally do not agree with it...

As bad as the situation may looks, most of us still fall into the category -  thinking whether it's our business or not, or justifying maybe we will be crossing the line etc. 

Maybe because of this, most of us also living our life believing we shall not rely on any others but ourselves?

But have we forgotten?  No energy can survive itself without others...

As there's always a fine line between justice and being nosy...

I think the only way to find out is when we actually try them all out and figure out the balance... don't you think?

Anyway, it's a good show that worth watching. 

It definitely got me thinking what I would do if the situation come to me...
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