Well, I am sure most of you may have the same question as my husband does.  

So I thought I may well just post it to make myself clear. 


He said:  how can a purpose of life be " I am not good enough, and nobody love me " etc?  People's purpose of life is always something like "save the world" or "help others" etc. 

Well, That's what everyone think, isn't it?

Maybe this is how I should have state it...

That 5 year-old sentense should be your "task of life", and your " purpose of life" will be to figure out your "task of life".

After all, your purpose of life should create some kind of knowledge when you die. Something you can carry forward after you die. 

haha...do I confuse you even more?

You purpose of life should never be "helping others"!  But rather to figure yourself out. 

Not that I am suggesting that you should NEVER go helping others.  But you should be able to help others without trying.

Let me try to put it this way. 

Picture there's a thousand years old wisdom soul living in every single one of us...

But no one really regonize the wisdom of the thousand year-old soul in yourself, but rather live in whatever we believe we have right now.  (most of us living our live believing there's so little we can do...) So...how are you ever going to benefit others?  

We live life after life to gain our wisdom.  and come to this life so we learn to appreciate our wisdom and use it wisely.  (and this is where "I am not good enough" becoming a platform for self-appreciation).  If we works it and truely be ourselves (as a wise soul as it should be), we will then benefit those around us without even trying. 

So... "helping others" should not be your purpose of life, but "figure yourself out and helping others without trying" is.  

"Save the world" is not your purpose of life, but if "everyone be their true self, then the world will be saved itself" is. 

After all, "purpose of life" is something you will gain knowledge, wisdom and able to carry forward with you when you die. 


Let me know if this explaination make it clearer, or make it worse.

(this is the moment I will asked: If anyone understand what I tried to said, and your wisdom is able to make it more clear for me.  Please do so!  I am sure this is why you and me are born so different.  Because we have to be talented in our own way.  :p)
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