fairySpeaking of the ghost, please refer to the early posting from In-Spirit (The Book) - 10 levels of spirits.

Because the following method will only work for spirits in "Ghost" levels. 


Why does it only work on ghost?

Because ghost still live like a "human". 

To make it simple, they still believe that they have to be a condensed energy like human in order to exist. 

so, If they feel there's a tread toward their existance, they believe their soul will be vanish forever. 

Basically, If they really understand the true meaning of the spirit, 

That would mean that their spirit have already evaluated to a higher level. 

The spirit in higher level will not act like a ghost and try to scare human. 

So...that's why the following method will only work on those I called "Ghost".  (Those in Level 1 & 2)


First, you will have to understand Ghost are like condensed energy cell in the air. 

So... If you don't like them to hang around you, 

the best way to do this is to prepare an electrical fan. 

All you have to do is turn on the fan and break the air flow. 

This will be enough to keep the ghost away from you. 

(Remember, Ghost still believe they have to exist as a whole energy just like human, 

when fan is on, they cell will start to be disturbed in the air, 

So, they will try to save themselves rather than trying to act like a ghost to scare you.)


It's okay if you do not have a fan.

Burn some incense will work just fine. 

or anything with smoke. 

Because the smoke will break the density in the air, so the ghost will feel their existance has been subpressed.

Due to this feeling, it will make them want to run away in order to survive.

(Again, they feel that they will have to be condense energy in order to survive)


If you do not have an electrical fan nor any incense. 

Aroma theropy will work, too. 

But I will suggest that you used some oil from natural plants or trees. 

Basically, Ghost do not have the same smell sense as human does, 

so when you burn up aroma theropy, it will work like those incense. 

Those oil from plants and trees will activate it's true energy once it's heated. 

so it will show it's true energy color in front of those ghost.

That will make them fear that they may be invaded by those colors and try to run away from it. 


Also, salt works, too.  (especially those sea salt)

Basically, it triggers the power of thought from human. 

Salt itself contain blue energy, 

To activate this energy, the one who use it has to believe it works. 

so once the energy has been activated, 

the existance of the salt will act like ocean in the air.

and that's why ghost will be scared and try to keep away. 

But I basically do not suggest this method...

Because it's wasteful and take long time to clean. 

If you believe it works, it will work.  No matter what you use. 


If none of above works...

Remember what I said in those chapters?

most of the spirit do not act like a "ghost" and try to scare any "human".

All you have to do is ask...

Ask other spirit around you to keep this particular ghost out of your house and never let it in again. 

Usually, they will be quite helpful and keep it out for you.

They are just as nice as those who still alive. 

(But remember, you have to "ask".  Because most of the ghost are so into their story, they are not aware that you need helps...)

If you do ask, those 70% of good spirits usually do not mind to give you a hand and make sure the "ghost" doesn't bother you any more. 



You have tried everything above and nothing works. 

Then I can confidently tell you this:

The ghost is the projection of your subconciousness. 

The more you scared, the scarier it will be.  The more you do not want to see, the more you will see...


Then the next question I will have for you is...

have you done something that's not truthful nor honorable these days?

That's how you end up scaring yourself.

If your answer is no.

please have someone to give your head a big spank and tell you to wake up and stop scaring yourself, 

you shall see the image will be disappeared soon. 


But if your answer is yes, 

Then I will have to say sorry. 

There's nothing I can do for you. 

You may well just learn how to live with it. 


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