When it's time, I will leave my current job, and start doing something I like.

When it's time, we will buy a house...

When it's time, we will go travel around the world together. 

When it's time, we will get married and have a baby. 

When it's time, we have enough savings, we will be able to relax and enjoy the life. 

When it's time...


How many people living their life like this?

How many people have been wasting all their life, but still haven't seen "THE TIME" comes their way?

When people keep saying "when it's time..." , it really got me wonder what does "the time" really mean?

While we are expecting "the time" to come, does time we live day by day now counts?

Does the time we live in right now means anything?

If "THE TIME" does not come to us as what we have been expecting, does it counts as "The time has come"?


When is the time you are willing to look into yourself?

When is the time, you are willing to build yourself a home?

When is the time, you are willing to deal with all those you already have?

When is the "RIGHT" time?


When we are living in our expecting timeframe within the un-predictable future, 

What should those arounds us do while our eyes are fixed in the future?

Will the children have to wait to see your love when it's time?

Will the other half finally share your love when it's time?

Will the families got to share your love when it's time?

Do we finally got to enjoy being who we are when it's time?


So, What time is "THE TIME"?

Children keep growing without our attending.  When we finally have some time for them, they are no longer the babies we thought.

Other half has chosen other path to move on.  When we finally have some time, we wish we could have lived that time  more wisely. 

Our family members passed aways unexpectly.  and we regret why they are not able to spare more time for us?

Then we regreted while all the time has passed before our eyes:  Why didn't we spend more time persuing what we like, and look for who we really are?


When is "the time"?

Why can't we really look at what we have, and living "the time" we are currently in?

Instead, we rather pursuing "the time" that we are not sure when?

How much do we have to keep sacraficing till the time comes?

If "The Time" comes, but not as what you have been expecting.  Are you able to regonize it?

Or, what if that day NEVER come?

Will you finally choose to live in the moment rathe than live in the future?


Future may be unknown. 

This very moment you are living in, may be good or bad. 

But one thing I am very certain of...

If we are able to live our moment, and certain about our direction in the future. 

Then we will always find our way when we are lost, 

We will always be strong again if we fall, 

We will know who we are and what we can do...


Living in the moment means...

respect what you have, and develop the unknown future from where you are. 

not overlook what you have, and expecting a predictable future.  Doesn't it?


Not sure if I can make myself clear on what I really want to say. 

(I believe some of you may even got lost in the translation.)

But please appreciate what you have, who you are and live your days.

rather than living in an expecting future you plan and making those around you suffers.

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