223441_4551aI often encountered people asking me what their purpose of life is. 

After experiencing so many levels of spirit, and observing lots of people and nature, I start to realize there's a pattern for everyone to figure out their own purpose of life... 

When people are existing in spirit form, they choose the parents who will provide them the best platform for their purpose of life. 

So these parents, disregard they are good or bad in "human standards", will be able to let these spirit to setup it's purpose of life by the age of 5. (or somewhere around there)

Because of this, so the real purpose of life usually sounds like a 5 year-old sentense. Such as: nobody like me, I am never good enough, I don't trust anyone etc...

Once the statement is setup, people will then spend the next 10 - 20 years, looking for evidence in their life in order to prove the statement is unquestionable.

By the time we are 30, This sentense will be the way of living. (well, by then it's a more complicated or decorative sentense.  But we will live it like it's the TRUTH!)

At the meanwhile, everything we know for whole life seems to be not working.   The truth we have live our whole life with seems to always come up to our face and fight against us. 

We can usually see it from someone close to us, such as husband and wife, or our children... (have you ever had a Deja Vou feeling your other half behave JUST LIKE your parent?)

When we reach our 40s, after we have been fighting with another way of thinking for long time (mostly from our better half, or close family members), we start to question whether the TRUTH we have live our whole life with is really the right way?  and this is usually the time we start having internal/spiritual struggles.  which is also the time for menopause. (For what I believe all disease start from your mind...) 

When we are 50, We seems to find a new way of living.  We will try to use other way, other understanding to treat ourselves, and those around us. 

By the time we are 60, We start to understand this is our purpose of life. 

So when we see those who reach their 70s, they always laugh and suggest you: Live your life simple. 

Because, after all, our purpose of life is that sentence you have setup while you were 5 year old. 

If you still don't know where is your purpose of life, then here is a hint for you: 

The sentence usually start with "I", and it sound like a 5 year-old sentence.  Most important of all, it's something you will learn and bring with you when you die!

Instead of spending money coming to me to figure out your purpose of life, I will suggest this:

why don't you put yourself in this formula, take some time to think about it, and figure out what your purpose of life is yourself.

(After all, you will know yourself better than I know you!) 

As all those higher spirits always said: If you keep thinking, the answer will come to you.
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