These days, I have been quite addicted to the series of Narnia,

(considering English is not the language I will pick for reading, but I actually quite enjoying it.)

It got me thinking what it would be like living in a world like Narnia. 

When all animal, plants, natures, human are all equal,

There's no material attraction, and everybody respect everyone.

Everyone understand how to respect and contribute their own ability,

aborb and contribute it's energy.

It got me wonder: Wouldn't it be nice to live in the world ike this...

And all the sudden, there's a voice coming to my head and ask: why?

Why? (I don't know. I thought everyone who read Narnia would wonder how it is like to live in one...) Because...I said: in that world, The animal talk. 

But the voice replied: But you hear them without  entering the world of Narnia. 

But...I said again: In that country, even the tree talk. 

Voice: But you hear them, too. 

I: Water talk, too.

Voice: But you hear them, too.

I: and the wind talk...

By then, I start to feel quite silly of myself.  Before the voice answer me again.  I said:  I know what you are going to say.  I hear them, too. 

sure enough, the voice does not reply.  But you can strong feel the smile. 

I start to frown with a bit frustration, I am sure not many people will feel the same as I did at that moment.

It's different! I said: Even though I can see and hear them, but not everyone are like me. Besides, they are not as real as the ones in the movie.  And there's never faul and centaur such kinds of thing exist...

Voice: How are you certain they don't exist?

(In the matter of fact, I can't.  Because I deeply believe there's still lot more I haven't seen yet.)

I: But...I can stay in Narnia for really long time, and it only take up one second in our real life.

Voice: What's it any different from you to check up someone's whole life, or experience their whole emotions, and it only take up one minutes of your time? 

I...I...(Start to wonder where this voice come from. It seems to fight with me with all objects?)  I said: I don't think you will ever understand.  It's quite different from my point of view. 

Voice: Is it really any dfferent?

I: How about Aslan?  In my world, there's no such thing as Aslan who is capable on everything and also able to talk.

Voice: Aslan, Live in everyone's heart. It's capabilities depends on how much you believe in yourself.  

I: Then, how about the evils, and all those adventures?

Voice: It also live in yourself.  Good or Bad, they all exist in the same world. 

As you all can see, I am as confused as I can ever be at this stage:  What are you saying?  We ARE living in Narnia?

Voice: What do you think?

I: If it is so, how come not everyone can hear or see those animal, plants and nature talk?  How come, no one can see the Lion who is able to provide them the diretions of life?

Voice: Because, not everyone will choose to believe what they see or hear.   Stereotype of thinking limits them from seeing things and listening to the voices. 

I: Well, I am not quite sure what you meant?

Voice: As long as you keep thinking, the answer will come to you. 

and the conversation ended again. 

As confused as I can be, I seem to start having a little clue of it.  And hoping answer will come clear one day. 

(By now, I have completed the whole series of Narnia.  But out of my expectation, I didn't quite enjoy "the last battle" as much as I enjoy the rest.  It's way too much religious stimulations as far as I can see.  If I ever said anything is stereotype, I am quite sure "the last battle is one of it".  

I do not believe in new and wonderful life starts after people die.  I know people have the ability to start a new world whenever they have decide it for themselves. I also understand from experiences that there's no idolic figure act as higher superior to our spirits when we die, but rather spirit surround us who is always willing to assist and help. 

I also do not believe the world has to come to it's end before a new beginning starts...

Well, there's lot of things I can complain about.  But I am sure none of you want to hear about that.  But this is a conversation I thought would be interesting enough to share with you all. )
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