Please do not fear nor sad. 

Instead, send them blessings and let them know you are okay. 

which will help them move to next level faster and shorten their stay as a ghost form. 

You may not be able to hear them, but believe me, they will hear you just fine. 

No matter how close or how far, your blessing will go to them just like you are standing right next to them. 

As you close your eyes and take a deep breath, you know that they are RIGHT there with you at this very moment. 

They feel your sadness and often wonder if you are okay. 

They very much want to tell you how much they have loved you and still will. 

They often want to say sorry to you for being so strict  in your life, but this is the task they have chosen to work with. 

and they have completed they task now and ready to move on to the next.

If they love you very dearly, they often want me to give you a REAL hug before they go, as they are now not able to do so. 

If you ever able to hear them, 

This is always what it comes down to:

I love you so much and I will be okay. 

So if you have someone you loved just pass away. please do not be sad and do feel how close they are to you. 

Speak to them and send blessing to them no matter how far or close they are, 

Help them move on to the next level by helping yourself to recognize that they never leave. 

and the love will never go away. 

(I wrote this to a dear friend of mine, whose father just passed away right before Christmas 2008!  It's hard for me to say this to you while feeling the emotions you are trying to cope, but your father would like you to know; even he has never said it out loud, but you are always one of those sons he is very proud of.  )

and I wrote this to all of you out there that I do no know. and wish you can feel the love they wish to send to you without coming to me.
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