Here are some questions about dreams from a friend who was working on a more descriptive post.  I am sure her post will be more detailed than mine.  But though I share with you all now since I am too lazy to type again.  But do check on her post later when it is on.  Soulspiration


1. so is there such a thing as just a dream? i'm sure have many dreams in one sleep.  Do they all signify something?
There is such a thing as just a dream . which often occurs when you heard or saw something that trigger your curiosity that make you want to find out more about that.  In that case, you sense will be wondering around to gather similar information to feed your need when you are asleep. 
1(a), regarding your accesing your database dreams, since it's not a life lesson or message so to speak, is it more like resolving past life issue so that feeling doesn't always resurface. or so that your soul can heal fr it? 
not resolving, but reminding.  you subconscious will often pull out one of your similar memory to test what you will do any different as current identity.  Sometimes, we will find out a different way to deal with the same fear, which later one will be able to apply on their 'REAL' life.  Past life Issue don't occur unless it was triggered in your real life.  and yes, if you figure out a way or some sort of understanding, through practicing it in life, you can always heal from it. 
2. many of the dreams you say are influenced by our spirit guides.  but the way the dream plays out seems so dream-like.  why is it that the guide or any dreams containing messages need to be in a dream-like setting?
why can't they talk to us and have us see them for who they are or in their setting? (why does it have to be so mysterious?)
why can't the dreams be more straight forward?
Human often asked for 'easy answer', but lack of skill to execute it or apply it into their life.  It's easy to forget what was told, but you will never forget it if you learned it yourself.   and that's why most of spirit guide planned life for a soul to 'figure it out', rather than 'told what to do'.  people who  don't want to figure thing out, often contain a personality of not wanting to work for themselves.  which, is definitely one of the biggest task they have to overcome as soul.  So the dream is not often 'mysterious' but rather require your sensation, logics and heart to work with one and others.  you just have to know your own stuff and understand your own sensation, you will then be able to identify what is what and make a judge of yourself.  
3. how bout remembering your dreams?  sometimes, i feel i'm in a such a deep sleep, i wake up and i forget the dream? u said before that if thats the case then we'r not meant to rmember them? is that the only case?
And I will say the same.  If you don't remember, don't sweat about it.  there's always reason why you don't remember.  you memory might simple recall something similar, which was already resolved or not significant in your current time.  If you don't remember your dream, but the emotion still lingered on.  Rather focusing what you dreamed about, spend time to work your emotion out.  That's the skill your spirit guide want you to practice on. 
4. are you saying your subconscious is your spirit guide?
Your subconscious is not your spirit guide. your soul is.   But your subconscious is controlled by your spirit guide. 




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