This is something that happened yesterday. 

during the lunch time while everyone was sitting on the dinning table and ate our lunch, Christian happened to read a piece of papper from the folder Max brought home day ago. 

photo 2-1.JPG 


After reading the paper written by Max, we turned to Max and asked:  Max, Do you dream about eating this Sundae a lot?

Max took a glance of it and shook his head with indifference. 

So we asked: why do you never tell us about it?

Max replied: Because no one sell Sundae like that. 

I said: That doesn't mean we cannot make it happen.  If you keep your dream inside you all the time, you will never know if there's a chance to make it happen. but if you share your dream to the world, you will never know who or what will make it happened for you. 

Max asked: Can I?(make the Sundae of his dream.)

"If you have a dream, make it happen." I said, "We will all go to the supermarket and buy the materials you need.  You will then be in charge of the dessert tonight."

photo 3-2.JPG 

We follows the intrsuctions of the picture.  cherry, chocolate bars and banana. 

photo 4.JPG 

and specific scoops of the ice cream. 

photo 1-2.JPG 


Comparing before and after pictures.


Ready to eat.



It doesn't take long to finish 15 scoops of ice cream ^^|||

so the conclusion is: If you have a dream, try everything you can to make it happen.  Because you will never know when and how it will be presented to you. 

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