Lot of people came to me, asking how come life is so difficult,

and how life is so miserable that they simply don't know how to laugh any more.

it's funny how they would not understand any suggestion I gave them, if it's direct to them personally,

but they could easily see the point if I refer them as their own child.

Would you allow your child to be bullied?

would you want him/her to feel worthless, not valuable and lack of purpose of life?

Would you want them to suppress their own feeling and not express themselves?

Would you want to them to be strong for themselves

and believe they are capable of doing anything they set their mind for?

If so...

Why don't you do just that to yourself?

If I refer you as your own child, what would you do any differently from what you've done so far?

Would you stand up for yourself?

Would you treat yourself nice?

would you be strong and truth to yourself?

Would you... Love yourself?

Somehow, most of people have a very different definition when I told them to love themselve.

they believe loving themselves mean they should treat themselves nice (which is correct)

go shopping or some spa etc.

Well, if's that really mean 'love yourself' in your defination, please go ahead and do so.

But, when you love your child, do you send them shopping and spa?

or, do you look deep down inside and trying everything you can to make sure they will be strong and happy one day?

Love yourself as you are one of your own child,

then you will see how the world will change simply because your change your point of view.

Yes, I am sad to say that the world won't change because of you

but the view will change once you change your point of view.

We all come to this world to conquer our task of life,

knowing one day, we will all evolve and free from this pain body we create for ourselves,

so you can either cry about the pain right now,

or laugh how much you will gain from the pain!
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