I don't know if any of you ever notice this...

No matter what religion, what country and wherever you are...

when it comes to "GOD", people automatically refer them as Man Kind.

(If they don't look like human, they are some kind of human shape...)

Not to mention that most of the temple and churches, the one ahead for everyone to pray are usually human like...


Honestly, before I understand and see the energy everywhere, I think just like everyone else. 

Believed God is human like. 

Well, this is how buddism got me used to think any way...

Not to mention all the buddah out there are all human like, 

The ghost I have seen as my up bring are human like, 

Eventually, the aspect of spirit are image of human kind just became some kind of common sense, not something that I need to figure out more. 


So this lesson happened one year before my "buddah" wanted me to identify the true value of all nature...

He said: if you expect to see a fixed image on things, you will never see the true value of all nature.

As you can imagines, I asked: what does this mean?

He smiled: what do you think?

(Believe it or not.  My higher spirits really like to answer me with questions.  Which is not something I particularly like! 'Coz it always got me to think more... I think I prefer they just answer me instead...)

I: I don't think you are telling me answer this time...

He: As long as you keep thinking, the answer will come to you.

So...the following 3 months, I asked almost everyone I knew: Does God all look man like?

Most of friends said that they are not quite sure. 

Till one day, a friend said that it seems like People start believing in God after Jesus...

If this is the case, then how about Buddism?

Before buddah achieved his widom under the tree, how does "God" present itself in people's mind?


If we ever push belief and religion a bit forward, we will start to realize that the ancient religion in not limited by man kinds only, but all natures...

Egyptian believe there's all god in all areas.  Most of gods exist in their nature form.  They believe that when those god come to the land of human, they will bring their wisdom, but transform their body into human in order to lead them.  

Native Indian believe the power from all natures.  So their "GOD" is natures.  human return to nature once they die. 

Back to Chinese religion, before there's any form of gods.  People believe there's mountain god, river god, ocean god and god of sky...  Nature contain more power than what human can estimate.  So, they call them God, because it's beyond human knowledge and understanding.  Those "God" sometimes will transform themselves into human to bring us guide and lead. 

If you ever look into all religion, you will find very similar evidence. 

At that time, human respected natures. 

Human believe they are part of nature, and no difference from those others natures around them. 

Also, human are more connect to nature that time. 

They are more able to hear what nature are communicating with them, and see the signs that's given by natures. 

Just do not know when...

After living in those religion for thousands of years, 

We start to believe that we are supreme among all! Even God are all man kind...

Is it ture?

If my mind is fixed by certain images or aspect, I will then no able to see the true value of the spirit?

The time I start to look into this is when the time all nature started communicating with me. 

When sky first talked to me, I was automatically looking for some kind of "human" figures to define where the voice come from. 

When I was not able to see any "figures", I heard the voice said this again:  If you expect me to show up in certain way, you will be NEVER able to see me. 

I followed the sound, and track to the sky.  

Quite an amazing sky I ended up noticing!

Also amazed by how powerful a nature beauty can impact me!

But...can not help wondering...how can you talk?  where the voice come from?  Is any higher spirit pulling my legs again?

(This is also when I start to carry camera everywhere I go, and start to take photo of the sky)


After all these years, I am now used to they talking to me in their nature from. 

This is also why you may see me writing some posting about talking to wind, sky or water etc.

It's just that when I look back, 

I cannot help wondering:Since when, human became the supreme form of all nature?

The energy surround us is WAY BEYOND we can ever imagine. and they are continously giving us all kind of signs. 

Sometimes, it can be a drop of leaf, or a little breeze...

Maybe... as they said:

It's not that we cannot see them, but because our mind is expecting certain image or fixed by certain aspect, so we will never see the true form of the spirit!
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