Do you know how long is "first impression"?

(I obviously already told you the answer...)


That's right...7 seconds.

An adequat first impression is really only 7 seconds. 

After 7 seconds, your mind will be occupied by logics, reasons, culture background and others...


after 7 seconds, it will not be your first impression. but the impression you are trying to convince yourself. 


But, Do you know why the first impression only last 7 seconds?

Because...This is how long it take for 2 energys to encounter each other, reach your brain and you decide to make an action...

This is also how long it take for your soul to communicate with you. 

(If you don't believe this, you will be more than happy to try it out. )

Because, this conclusion has taken me nearly 6 months observing how energy flows and connect each other to figure out. 

But... this 7 seconds will also depends on how connected you are with your instinct. 

Sensitive people can decide their first impression on others within 3 seconds, 

but most of us will take between 5 to 7 seconds. 


Everyone carry some kind of energy...

(which includes Animal, plant, tree and water etc...)

Unhappy people will carry unhappy energy, 

Evil people will carry evil energy no matter how hard they are trying to cover it up. 

Most of people belive they are able to cover who they really are by acting differently, 

but not knowing that energy they carry can never be covered. 

But since this society is totally functioned under logic and reasons, 

So our first impression will usually get convinced by logic and reasons, but instinct. 

People will decide to change their first impression base on how you package yourself after 7 seconds. 


People who has seen a lot believe their first 7 seconds impression. (Such as Interviewer, playboy, or my mom etc...)

Normal people will believe their logical impression after 7 seconds. 


But without any conditions in packaging ourselves, 

we actually live in our basic energy and functioning it without knowing. 

(You may not realize how often do you use your 7 second first impression...)

For example...

If you are lost, and there are lots of people around you, you will most likely found someone who seems to know their direction very well to ask for directions. 

If you are not sure what meat to choose in the supermarket, you will most likely ask someone who looks like they know how to cook. 

Or...had you have the experience like this...

Someone make you feel quite uncomfortable for no reason, but you will convince yourself that you may be too judgemental?

Or, There's a sensation that you should have choose other way to go, but you will convince yourself that you may just think too much?


First impression is like going to shop in the supermarket...

How good your judgement on first impression is depends on whether you know what you are looking for?


  People who knows what they are looking for will disregard what the package look like and find EXACTLY what they need.

(the person who will not get confused by skim milk or homo milk.)


 People who seems to know what they are looking for but believe more in logics...

Even though they know what they are looking for, but will often got influenced by the package and change their mind.

(People who is supposed to buy flour, but end up buying multi-grain, whole wheat bread...because it's way healthier or something like that!)

Those are who can sense the 7 seconds but still decide to go with logic and reasons. 


 People who got no clue what they are looking for, will definitely stuck in logics and reasons. 

(Which means that they will totally shop by packaging.)


Do you know what type of person you are?


It's very simple if you want to test your 7 second instinct. 

All you have to do is surround yourself in a crowd, and notice that if you decide what type of person those stranger are  within 7 seconds?

Also testing yourself in all angles...

If you are looking for help, which person will you pick?

If you are looking for a fight, which person will you pick?


But here is a hint, 

Most of people these day not qutie sure how to define energy, so their first impression is quite limited to the emotion they first sense from others. 

That means... You will decide what your first impression is, whether you like or dislike someone depends on the first emotion you sense from them.

So... that's exactly why happy people are easier to find friends and jobs...


12024354964.gif Remember...the 7 second first impression will only work toward people or thing you have never encounter before...

After 7 seconds, you are verly likely to live in the reality that created by logic and reasons...

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