898185_88063514Panic attacks are sudden, discrete periods of intense anxiety, mounting physiological arousal, fear, stomach problems and discomfort that are associated with a variety of somatic and cognitive symptoms.[1] The onset of these episodes is typically abrupt, and may have no obvious triggers.  (Copied from Wikipedia where you can read more about this.)

Usually, you may start to feel the short of breathe, dizziness, or even heart pain which may feel similar to heart attack.  When the sympton increase, you may even feel suffocation...

So, if you ever have a panic attack, 

Following is something you can try to do: (If you are the party who is fighting with a panic attacked victim, stop talking may be a good start. )

First, Find a place to sit down where you can comfortablely rest your arms and legs without blocking your airway. 

Concentrate on correcting your energy flow.

start with breathing in your nose, and blow out with your mouth. 

(If you need a reminder, here is how In-Spirit suggest:

Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. The speed is 1:3 (inhale for 1 & exhale for 3). Focusing the energy inhaled through the body)

This breathing will help you restored the air energy in you and push out the negative CO2 out of your system. 

When your system seems to be back to normal, 

A glass of warm water will always help.  

Then come the most difficult task of all, 

I will ask you to look into yourself, and find what it is that you are seeking attention for?

Someone to care for you? someone to love you and never fight you?  or simply someone to be there for you?

This is something you don't need to speak out loud, but simply identify it yourself. 

Most of people experience Panic Attack are subconciously longing for some kind of attention. 

As our knowledge teach us, Being a victim will be a very good way to start. ('Coz we got sympathy, and also being a victim, we won't have anyone raising their voice yelling at us.)

I know, because I used to have panic attack in regular basis. 

Mostly when I was fighting with my husband.  and it came so often that I even have my doctor check whether I have some kind of heart disease or not. 

Until one time, a higher spirit showed himself and told me exactly what I wrote,

(Trust me, when he first suggest this. I thought he was crazy!  As strong woman as I thought I was, I didn't think I was seeking attention by being a victim)

And somehow, I gave up fighting with him and start working within myself. 

Quite unsuccessful at the begining, but enough to manage myself to do the breathing and drinking. (Later when I can see and feel the energy, I start to be aware how the correct breathing can actually help you restruct your energy...)

Until I start to identify what kind of attention I was seeking for, then the panic attack stops totally for good. (Which has been 6 years ago til this very moment)

So for those who may encounter what I have been experienced before. 

Those are 3 basic steps for you to work on when the panic attack occurs. 

I knew how painful and insecure it felt, and wish it shall never happen to you, either. 

After all, we all are a strong spirit within. Don't you think?
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