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I am sure lots of you already know what I am going to say. 

Many of you may already own your 3 seconds, or even more...

expand it to 3 minutes, 10 minutes, half an hour or more.

But if you are not sure which 3 second I am talking about, 

then this story may be written for you. 

Everyday,  everyone will have 3 second where they are closest to their own spirit. 

Within this 3 seconds, you seem to hear the voice from heart, 

you seems to see the angels, 

you may feel the sky is talking to you, 

In this 3 seconds, you seems to connect with the whole universe, 

You will suddenly understadn how energy function through this universe, 

your mind seems to be clear, and you seems to understand anything and everything, 

This 3 seconds, happens in everyone's everyday life, 

It may be a picture that you see everyday,

It may be a scenery you pass every day, 

it may be a skyline you happen to see everyday on the way to work,

It may be a road you have to walk everyday, but a walk that you enjoy deeply without any specific reason, 

Or it may be a street lamp, a lamp that make you feel warm from deep inside. 

The point is , it is 3 second that EVERYONE will encounter EVERYDAY. 

It is a moment where you are most connected with your inner spirit. 

The reason I am so confident in saying so, 

It's becasue it's something I see on every single one of you. 

It is a gift that everyone of us own ( Just like breathing)

But in this material world, 

Not everyone is aware of this 3 seconds connection. 

Because most of our brain is occupied by the next second task, 

Most of us, are always thinking how to do things for tomorrow, 

No one really living in "This Very Second"

For those who encounter this 3 second, they live in the moment, and listen to their heart, 

Through it, they find their way, discover their purpose of life. 

Because this 3 seconds, is enough to answer all their question throughout the day, 

their hesitation in life, and their fear and lot more. 

My 3 seconds, happens on the way home after I drop my daughter to school. 

(and my daughter's school is right outside my backyard)

So, Where is your 3 second?

The reason for me to write this post is wishing all of you are able to find your own 3 seconds, 

Then, you will start to understand, None of us in this world is really lonely. 

If you would like to connect with your own inner spirit, 

please start looking for your 3 seconds a day. 

If you have already found yours, I welcome you to share your 3 seconds with us.
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