Went for a walk last night, and caught the following message in the wind. Thought I would share with all of you. I am not quite sure what it is exactly yet, but maybe you guys can figure this out faster than me.

Wind: A major disaster is happening, It needs a lot of blessings. it will help reducing pains from those who suffers.

I was not quite sure what it means: what disaster? (is it about me? or is it about someone else?)

Wind: It will be a disaster for human to reflect themselves. They will start to look into what's really important in life.

I: Is it a nature disaster? (somehow, it reminds me of Tzunami which was happened around this time.)

It didn't reply me on this one. instead, repeat what he said earlier: blessing will reduce the pain from those who suffers.

I: I am not sure what you meant. If I want to bless someone, don't I need a target?

Wind: Blessing will go to whoever needs it.

I: Does this mean as long as I wish people will suffer less, they will? no matter who they are, where they are?

Wind: yes.

My mind is quite confused at this moment: I don't think there's anything I can do.

Wind: Human often underestimate their ability, and that's why they are still suffering.

The message was interrupted at this point.

I was not quite sure what it meant, so I chose to ignored for the night.

But same night before going to sleep, watching news as I used to do before I sleep. Somehow, I have a very strong sense about the disaster it referred is actually start to happening right at this moment.

I always think it won't happen for years, but I guess this is a way for them to tell me that we don't have much time to waste.

It's not a disaster about me, nor someone else. But every single one of us. This is going to be a disaster that will challenge our spiritual levels, and every single one of us has to go through and effected by it. Because of this, every single one of us will learn how to help one and others. We will start to realize those which we held value for our life will no longer means anything, but what's really important within us and around us.

So after struggle for whole day, I decide to share everything I know with every single one of you. Disregard how limited my language is, how it structures, I will try to share everything I know, hear and see with you all.

Logic no longer means anything to me, I have strong faith believing your spirit guide will guide you through what you need to know or understand. If my knowledge can only contribute to 10 people, then 10 people it is. If what I share can make you help your friend out, please go help them out. If we hold on tight, and help one and each other, the suffering will be less and short when the disaster start to impact us.

And please believe me when I said this: We HAVE TO go through this, and there's no way to avoid this. Only when this disaster happens, we will then really live our life in a higher spiritual level that everyone appreciate everyone. That is a world I want my children to live in, and that will be a world I want every single one of you to see which is what they have been showing me.

Please do not be discourage by the word " disaster". Think of it as something we have to go through in order to get better. which I will TRY to explain step by step later on, and hope to let you understand. After all, we are all in this together. Helping you out will be helping myself out, too. and I hope you will see my point later.
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