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As we were young, our education taught us that 100% represent perfection and success.

this type of thought and aspect has built in deeply into our subconsciousness that we have never doubt it nor question it.

so during the whole upbringing, we have worked ourselves really hard to achieve so-called 100% success, a great title, and a life everyone admire.

Though the process, we also lost lots of valuable things. But we never doubted it, because we deeply believe this is what we have to pay in order to reach the 100% success.

But what if one day...

You own the 100% career, but miss all the time with the one you love?

You earn the 100% perfect school report, but do not learn anything else other than studying.

You have the 100% dream relationship, but losing all the relationship with families and friends?

You earn the 100% wealth, but your health is terrible as hell?

If 100% equal perfect, than...you've better evaluate if it worth what you have paid so far.

But look at other angle, If 2 X 50% can equal a perfect 100%, it would be a better alternation. wouldn't it?

For example, if I have a normal job, but I have the time to grow together with my children and spending time with them,

If my other half looks as normal as anyone else, but we know how to cherish each other of being who we are,

If I only have a small amount of saving, but I have enough freedom to pursue my dream,

Even though it's not 100% in the world standard, but the completeness and satisfaction from 2 X 50% will only be appreciated by those who understand gratitude and the value of life.

Until one day, when you notice the 12 hours you have spent on work everyday is not catching up with the growth of children,

Please remind yourself, pursuing 100% is not the only choice of life.

sometimes, 2 half circle may complete a better full circle than we thought.


小時後, 我們接受的教育告訴我們, 100分代表了完美 與成功,

這樣的想法與觀念深植於我們的潛意識, 我們從不曾懷疑,

從學生時代到進入社會, 我們都在追求著一百分的成功, 一個圓滿的冠冕 , 令人稱羨的人生

有時在過程中犧牲了好多珍貴東西, 我們卻不疑有他, 認為這是追求成功必然的付出,

如果有一天 ....

你擁有一百分成功的事業 但對於自己親愛的家人卻連半小時的天都聊不上

你擁有一百分完美的學業 但除了讀書以外 一無所長,

你擁有一百分眾人欣羨的愛情 但到頭

你擁有一百巨額的財富 但是自己的健康狀況卻搖搖欲墜...

假如 100分 象徵著圓滿, 那麼......得看你付出了什麼樣的代價, 值得不值得,

換個角度想, 如果兩個五十分合起來, 如果可以成為一個完美的圓 , 也是一件幸福的事情,

設想, 倘若我只有一份普通的工作, 但是 有足夠充裕的時間能陪孩子成長,

假設我只有相貌平平的另一半 , 但是兩個人卻相知相惜,

如果我只有小筆的積蓄, 但是 卻可以身心自由的去追逐夢想 ,


但 , 兩個五十分合成的幸福圓滿, 只有懂得感激與珍惜的人體會得到

等到有一天, 當你發現, 自己每天花了12小時在工作上,

對家人的愛, 跟陪伴他們的時間, 遠遠地不成正比的時候,

記得提醒自己, 追求一百分, 不見得只是生活中唯一的選擇,

或許我們可以試試, 兩個五十分加起來的平衡人生.......

合起來的兩個半圓 亦將呈現出 一個圓的美好~

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