Here is another post organized by the friend who interviewed me.  It's very nicely put together, though you guys may enjoy it.  It shows someone is better writer than me. (LOL)  If you were interested in her writing, check her out on soulspiration

So in my next interview segment with Joanne, I asked her if “doomsday” is actually just around the corner.  For those who are still not aware; briefly, the end of 2012 supposedly marks the end of the world according the ancient Mayan calendar.  Many people are curious if this is true.  In fact, books and movies have been released just on 2012.  So I had to ask her to dispel this fear.

As per Joanne, the physical world will not come to an end but she is confident that there will be a new world emerging.  It will be more of a conscious and spiritual evolution of the human race.  At one point in human history, people actually lived more in sync with the world/universe and each other.  As humans evolved, they became more individualistic.  Also, as technology improved, we no longer had to rely on our other senses that connect us to the earth so most of those senses eventually diminished.  We dominated the world thinking (and still think) that we are at the top of the hierarchy of life and this earth is meant for us to take from; that in order to be better human beings, we needed more food, more money, cars, or other material things.  That In order to be happy, we needed drugs or alcohol or food.  In order for self-preservation, it was every man for himself and that we should reap more than we could sow to stay ahead.

Joanne explains it is that type of belief that is going to change.  In fact, she says it is already changing.  She can feel this energy getting stronger – that people’s awareness is shifting rapidly.  People are already evolving to be more of a universal citizen – that we are in fact all connected to everyone and everything; that what we do here creates a ripple effect on earth or the universe.  Many have already realized that we, in fact, live as interconnectedly as the Na’vi people in Pandora (it’s not just a movie afterall!) - that any goodness that we create restores goodness throughout the earth and what we destroy creates destruction throughout the earth. 

Joanne also believes that although the end of the world is not near, there will be an end to certain things during this new evolution.  Material things will soon come to an end and a big part of the population will no longer depend on material things to create their identity with.  For those people who will learn and evolve not to identify with material things will prosper.  The ones who cannnot dis-identify themselves from the greed, money and material things will eventually destroy each other, whether through riots or wars.  Inevitably then, the spirituality will flourish since people will be mentally free from money and greed.

So 2012 will not be the end of the human race, but Joanne states that it is the beginning of a new evolution of awareness.  That more people will start to shift the way they view the world and of themselves.  The New World will be like a world where everyone is connected the way we should be and the way we were long ago.  We should be connected with the universe and spirits,  the plants around us, the energy and learn how to use it, and learn how to communicate with every thing that lives around us – whether that would be other humans, plants, animals, rocks, or spirits.  Humans are the only race that live in their own bubble at the moment, believing they are above everything.  But that will change because we will eventually learn that we are equally a vital part of every thing that exists in this world and one cannot be without the other.

It sounds like a fairytale life but Joanne is sure that this is happening as we speak.  She knows that 2012 is not the end of the world but the end of an era.  She does see that there will be destruction as she explained earlier about the riots and wars.  I agreed with her when she said there will always be destruction/demolition before something can be restructured/rebuilt.  But if there are enough people at that time (2012) that are more aware/conscious, then the destruction will be minimal.  So it’s entirely up to us how 2012 affects the world.

Basically (to reiterate), don’t think of 2012 as the end but the beginning of a New World.  A world where balance is restored and humans live with, and not against, the natures of our earth.  Those who learn it will thrive and will be able to live in a way that we never knew before.  Those who resist this change or do not learn it will eventually be eliminated by each other or by other forces of nature.  Joanne states that we can already see this shift happening.  Psychics, paranormal activity, spirituality, yoga, homeopathy/naturopathy, meditation, awareness, etc has been more widely accepted than ever before and it’s growing faster than ever before.  As this spiritual revolution grows, our New World emerges further…

Something to think about.


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