Max liked to playfully hit people these day, which was definitely something I don't like at all.  Even thought I continuously told him that do not treat other the way he doesn't like to be treated, I don't think he fully understand what that mean. 

so the other day, I told him that it's bad karma he creates if he continuously hit others.  It will come back to him one way or the other whether he likes it or not.  

He then looked up at me and asked "What is karma?"

Karma? I paused.  Well, it's a word that I thought everyone understand, but I guess I will have to explain to my 7 years old son.  So I said "Every intention is a solid energy, whatever you contribute to the universe, you will got it back one way or the other.  Karma is a way to say you will get back what you give."

"So does that mean if I give you one dollar," he said, "you will give one to me?"

I laughed "Something like that, but no in material form." so I ask, "why would you give me a dollar anyway?"

"So you can give it back to me." He laughed. 

"See," I tried to explain, "Karma only care about your intention, not so much about what you give.  When you give me a dollar wishing I can give something back to you, your intention is wanting to get something from people.  So you may or may not get a dollar back.  Instead, you might get a karma that people continuously want something from you.  It's your intention that counts."

"What if I have nothing to give?" He still tried to figure out how it works with this whole Karma thing. 

So I laughed, "No everyone have material to give.  But everyone has heart to give.  that's why Karma only care about your heart, not so much about what you actually give in material.  So if your intention is wanting to hurt someone, you will then get the intention that people wanted to hurt you."

"But I don't want to hurt them," He explained, "I just want to play with them."

"Then stop hitting them," I said, "then they are more likely to play with you.  Everything you do has to base on very basic respect on all life.  You do not hurt anyone to play with them.  Understand?"

Even though he nodded his head acting like he understood everything I said, but I doubted how much he truly understood.  Anyway, let's just hope that one day he will truly got it.  As I said, if I repeated it often enough, they might got it one day. 

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