I have lots of rules around the house.  Well, I don't really think I have that many, but my children obviously don't think so. 

Like all the computer programing, my rules are simple.  They often contain 'if' and 'then" like; if you finish your homework, then you can play.  If you finish your food, then you can pick a sweet.   If you want me to listen, then speak with the tone that people will listen... 

Well, I am sure for all of you who is a mom would know that we just keep creating new rules as our kids grow. 

So one day, Max looked at me and asked "why do you got to make the rules at all time?  We kids need to have our turns to make our rules sometimes too."

I looked at him and agreed "Sure, you will definitely have your turn to make your rules one day."

"Really?" He looked awfully surprised "When?"

"When you make your own money and buy your own house, then you will be able to make any rules you wants in your house.  I will probably have to obey your rules when I step into your house.  So till then, as long as you are living under my roof, you will have to follow my rules.  Just like you will have to follow other's rules when you enter their house."

"That's not fair!" Max exclaimed "We do not have that much money to buy a house yet!"

"So work hard and make sure you will be rich to buy a house one day!" I laughed "Till then, you will just have to suck it up and keep following my rules under my roof.  Trust me!  You will say exactly what I say today to your kids one day when it's your turn."

My roof, my rules.  Common, don't we all hear that rules before?

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