These days, I seems to have the same feeling every time I go shopping. 

that is ...

Lots of people are working for works sack, but not really clear what they are pursuing nor what they want. 

what I felt from them is kind of heavy depression. 

It seems like they are depressed by the unpredictable future. 

I clearly understand that they are working for the money. 

But under this kind of condition, they also choose to forget who they are and what they want. 

So, no matter what they eat, say or  whom they are with after work, 

it never seems to fulfil the emptiness within themselves. 

And, next day will be a new beginning where they choose to forget themselves all over again. 

In this continously circulation, they eventually lost their purpose, their soul and who they are...

When I was looking at the clerk as I paid, 

I was not able to see their goal, their hope , their future...

but what confused me the most is that I was not able to see their soul...

It does get me wonder: Are they happy living like this?

Aisha told me that her husband is currently working on his own business, 

So he always sounds so excited when he talks. 

I cannot stop feeling the same enthusiastic throught the phone. 

It got me thinking...

When will we be able to start work with our passion? 

Right now, most of us are using 1% of the potential to cope with our current work.

But when will we start to use our 100% potential to work and still enjoy it?


I honestly didn't know why my higher spirit decided it was good time to start In-Spirit about year and half ago, 

but now, I seems to find out where my direction is...

I wish one day, I was able to create a kind of company  where everyone is able to fully established their true potential, 

where they are able to be their true self. 

I don't know when this day will come, 

But I do know this...

I have NEVER change this goal since I start this company, 

even though I have gone through quite a bit of obstacles. 

I believe.. 

As long as I am clear where my goal is, I will definitely reach it one day. 




Today, a friend came to my house for a short visit.  

First thing she does is complain that she is going to attend a party, but she is not sure whether she should go or not since people may talk bads about her...

As soon as I heard this, I said: You think too much. 

She turned and looked at me quite seriously and said: What does it mean by "you think too much"?   Why does everyone like to use this sentense?  If I do not think about this possibility, then how would I know how to deal with it when it happens?

Somehow, her response got me thinking for quite awhile. 

Then I said:  If this party has already happened, and you told me this.  Then you would be simply indicate a fact.  Then I would not say that you think too much.  But This party is not happening till next week, and you have already made up your mind and judgement.  You are not only start to gathering this type of energy.  I am certain you will bring this type of energy, and also collect  the evidence for me to proof you right during the event.   If this is so, why don't you start thinking that you may find someone support you during the party?

She thought about it, and nodded: Because Thought contain energy, right?

I am sure I must repeat this sentense more then thousand times.  and that's why most of my friends know how to repeat this. 

Believe me, if I am able to take a picture and show what I see.  I will definitely do so without hesitation. 

The power of thought is same as the power of the language. 

If you are able to treat your thought seriously , 

Then this is the question I will ask you: 

If both of those thought have equal chance to come true, which one will you choose?

Will you choose that everyone in the world hate you? 

or will you choose that everyone in the world support you?

Will you choose to believe you are the loser all your life?

or will you choose to believe you will be successful one day?

I think, once you are aware how powerful your thought is, you may start to treat it with some respect. 

If you feel life sucks, and nothing works for you. 

Please look back and think this: Is this what you believe, too?




If you believe, all challenge will become your task, 

At the meanwhile, you will have the motivation and strength to deal with this challenge. 

Because your motivation and strength will come from your believe. 


But once you give up all your believe, 

Then, the challenge will only become the weapon to defeat you. 

It doesn't take much to hurt you so bad and make you  lost your  soul within seconds. 


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