piggybackHappened to see this term today, and somehow it remind me of those days when we have been in search for the Mr. Right. 

When we were young, we blindly looked for Mr. Right just like everyone esle. (Not that we knew what Mr. Righ really meant...)

We thought so called Mr. Right is someone who treat us "right" and always do things "right".

But that also got me curious that if it's ever possible to meet such kind of human being? (who ALWAYS do the right things...)

which I was sure that even if they DO exist, I may start to suspect whether I would be Ms. Right for him or not...

So... at that moment, I have decided:  So called Mr. Right must be someone who has more "Right" percentage rather than "Wrong".

which meant someone who is able to bring us more happiness rather than sadness. 



After being married for so many years and experienced so many levels of spirits. 

Understand the purpose of life, how energy work, and many other things...

I start to realize this...

Mr. Right is DEFINITELY NOT someone who make everything Right. 

Mr. Right is simply a kind of sensation.

A sensation that make you feel "Right".

He will be someone who is able to provide you the platform of the purpose of life, but also someone who is able to support your spiritually. 

(Simply speaking, he will be someone you love and hate at the same time. )


But due to everyone has different purpose of life and sensors, 

So, if you keep holding other people's standards looking for Mr. Right, 

then you most likely will find Mr. Right very hard to find. 

This means...you will have to use your own standard to look for Mr. Right. 

If it's your own standard, that also meant that you have done your homework. 

(If you have full experience of being dumped or dumping someone , then think of the bright side, 

you may already start to understand what you want, and what you don't want...)

Of course, there's always someone who is lucky and know themselves very well, 

 who will find their Mr. Right right away. 

But for those who is still holding other people's standard looking for Mr. Right, 

maybe Mr. Right really is not that far away from you if you really look...


So, following are some tips for those who is still searching for Mr. Right.


First, The moment you met him, the feeling has to be "Right".

That's to say that you will have to give up your physical standard on how he look or how he shall be...

So called "Right" feeling is very simple to search...

All you have to do is look into his eyes.

The moment you look into his eyes, and you have a sense of "Right". 

This will always be a good start...


Second, you will have to know yourself VERY WELL.

You will understand who you are, what kind of person you are. 

(The REAL ONE, not those you are trying to create...)

you will have to know what you like, what you don't like. 

What you love, what you don't.

What you want, and what you don't. 

To conclude this...

The more you know yourself, the easier it is to find your Mr. Right. 



Even though this Mr. Right will make you love him and hate him at the same time. 

But, this do not refer to those who create emotional roller-coaster in your life. 

Usually, he will be someone who is very similar to you, but yet very different. 

The part he is very similar to you will be the part you will live with most of time. 

The part he is very different from you is the part that usually make you want to kill him at that very moment. 

but the point is, whenever you are feeling low, ( in the condition of your low emotion has NOTHING to do with him. )

He will be able to provide you with very good suggestions which will make you feel better and know your directions, 

All his suggestion is very suitable for you! and they works!

This is why you will have to know yourself very well. 

(So...if you have anyone like this around you.  Please pay a little more attention to them.  'Coz he may be your Mr. Right.)


The Last thing I would like to indicate is...

Your Mr. Right is not necessary your Soul Mate. 

and Your Soul mate is not necessary someone you will end up marrying. 


I understand there's lot of definition in regard of soul mate, 

I wish I am able to make it more clear for you. 

But let me put it in this way...

You soul mate is most likely someone who sense your spirit frenquency and act together with you. 

They feel and sense your pain, seems to always synchronize with you spiritually, 

but they will appreciate you, but not necessary knows how to "love" you. 

So, they are always like your spiritual support or soul food. 

At the meanwhile, the definition of the soul mate is definitely both way, not one way. 

this means, when they are able to fulfil the emptiness part of your soul, you will be able to do the same to them, too. 


But your Mr. Right is not only able to provide you with a stable life, spiritual support, but also able to provide you the pratice platform for your purpose of life. 

Of course, that will make you equally meaningful to him, too. 

This SOMEONE is more likely someone you will married. 

Because only if you married this Mr. Right, you will then able to provide  the children who is able to let you review your purpose of life on them, and also experience the achievement on your improvement. 


So, what I am suggesting is...

In order to find the perfect Mr. Right, please start from working your homework, and getting to know yourself better. 

The more your know yourself, The easier it is to find Mr. Right. 

Stop holding on to some general standards, and looking for Mr. Impossible. 

( All those conditions will apply for searching for your Ms. Right.)
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