Most tap water does not form a beautiful water crystal because of the added chlorine. However, Vancouver’s tap water does form a beautiful water crystal. The reason we believe Vancouver tap water creates beautiful water crystals is not because it contains less chlorine, but because the majority of people in Vancouver BELIEVE the water here is good.

As an essential energy, water provides a basic need to all living things. This water is not only influenced by the color and message on the label, but also contains the energy of love and gratitude.

In-Spirit wishes to bring out the best in people and sends a blessing to you through this water. Tap into the power of positive thinking and continue this fascinating experiment yourself with your inspirational Blessing Water. Soon you'll be drinking from the fountain of positive thinking. And, even if you don't think the water itself will change, surrounding yourself with such positive thinking is bound to transform you.

To learn more about water crystals and blessing water, check Dr. Masaru Emoto’s website:

All energy and power comes from within. Choose your word and drink what you believe.

This is the water crystal from "Love"
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