Recently, I found myself really addicted to this show. As I start to notice this is what majority of people look at themselves, just like most of people coming to me for the consultation.

We are all so good at picking up what's wrong rather than what's right. We also learned to ignore what's so good about ourselves, and hide what's wrong about ourselves.

During our childhood and upbringing, we often hear others suggested to us what can be better done. Slowly, we start to forget the good qualities in us. and remember only what's wrong with us. So...while we are living our day to day life, we constantly compare what we saw that's so good in someone else to what's so wrong within ourselves.

But consider this...

We ALL born to be human being so we are capable to accomplish our purpose of life. So if there are something wrong about us (which I called "purpose of life"), there is always something right about us (which I called "the tool"). Instead of looking for other people's good qualities (tools) and try to apply that into our purpose of life, maybe we shall start to look within.

So, just like this show. I can now make it really easy for you. How to look good naked is when you decide you look good naked. We are who we are, because we have to be who we are in order to accomplish our own purpose of life. After all, we are here to fulfil OUR purpose of life, not theirs. Don't your think?
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