A friend MSN me couple days before Chinese New year asking whether she should buy some Red Underwear for Chinese New Year for good luck? (This is some kind of Chinese New Year Tradition.)

I said: as long as you believe it works. 

She obviously understand how I think, so she didn't ask any more. 

Couples days later after Chinese New Year, She MSN me again and mentioned that she not only bought the Red Underwear for Chinese New Year, but also a red coat.

In Chinese New Year's Eve, She happily wear her brand new RED underwear to go to bed. 

(Even though wearing underwear is not quite comfortable to sleep with, but longing for a wonderful 2009, she thinks it would be all worthy.)

Next morning, she wore her new baught Red coat to work. 

As you can imagine... Happy bright color to start a new year!

I asked: Does it work?

She said: I think so. 

Well, it's all what she believe counts, isn't it?

Couple days later, her mom happened to have some "bad lucks"

-lost her car license plate, lock herself outside the door etc...

She believe it's all because her mom didn't wear "Red" for the Chinese New Year. 

So, sure enough, a visit to the temple is a must to make up for this.

I asked: does a visit to temple make it any better?

She said: I think so.


In Chinese tradition, we always go to the "God of the year" at the beginning of the year to pray for a peaceful year - who we called "Tai-Syuei.

Especially for those who were born the same year as the coming year, will always have to go to pray to them in hope for a peaceful year without dramatic up and down.

In Chinese Term, we called it - Calm tai-syuei (安太歲). Obviously, Tai-Syuei doesn't like those who were born the same year with him. :p


When talking to my older sister, she mentioned that her husband has been bugged her with going to pray to Tai-Syuei. (Since she was born in the year of Ox)

But she has been quite busy with work and family household, so didn't really have time to go to any temple for it. 

Till couple days before chinese New year, her husband mention it to her again. 

She thought about it and said: People who were born the same year with "Tai-Syuei" may be dramatic up or down...

Her husband: Yes, so? (Obviously didn't know what her point is.)

She said: But... I really want us to be dramatic up.  If we go pray to "Tai-Syuei", will our dramatic up be "Just right" again?  (So far, their life has been "just right"...)

Her husband think about it, feel that it seems to make sense.  So dicided not to bother her any more. 


When I used to live in Taiwan, My mom would also go to pray to Tai-Syuei for us every year . 

Ever since I moved to Vancouver, my aunt will do just the same for me every year. 

Slowly, it just become some kind of routine for me. 

Until the year I fight with my aunt, I was quite certain no one would go to pray to Tai-Syuei for me at the beginning of the year. 

That time, if I have ever encounter any bad luck, I will automatically blame it to not going to Tai-syuei at the beginning of the year. 

Till one time, my higher spirit wanted me to think:

Is it really because I didn't pray to Tai-Syuei to cause all those unfortunate events?

or Is it simply because I believe so?

That's when I start to realize I have done these all to myself. 

Plus, I am now able to "see" how the energy functions,

I clearly understand now...

It's never what I said will change you future, 

But what you believe will. 


If you have ever gone to any psychic, feeling that they are so amazingly correct on every prediction. 

please look back and think...

Prior to visiting them, have you already made up your mind feeling they are good?

I am definitely not here to deny any psychic, (if you know I AM actually one of them...)

What I am saying is this...

They may be able to see your future, but YOU will still be the one to decide how your future will be.

Because you believe what they said...

Therefore, you will be carry the thought subconciously to live your life. 

Slowly, the energy is strong enough to make the event happens, 

That's when you believe whatever psychic had said to you is so amazingly correct. 


The condition is...

Because we are dealing with the world you have totally no clue or knowledge about, 

You will have no options but to trust us. 

Because of your trust, that give our prediction energy to happens. 

Eventually, Not only you feel that we are so amazingly correct,

even we feel that we are quite correct ourselves. (Your believe enhance our confidence to grow, and getting better on what we are doing...)

This is exactly why most of the people believe what psychic said. 

Because we can see what you don't, so you will have no options but to trust us. 

12024038390.gif(I hope I am not revealing the secrets for all psychics)


I have encountered lots of clients,

I may say the same sentense which their friends has been repeating for years. 

But they still choose to pay me and listen to me say it again.

It seems to them that how I said it sounds different?!

(Well, maybe because I am a psychic?)

Knowing this, I will try to use positive suggestions to help them think differently. 

If both way works, (Look forward toward bads  v.s. look forward toward goods.)

Why don't we all choose the good path to go?


I often mentioned this to all clients...

Do not believe EVERYTHING I said, but challenge it. 

Use your own ability to proof whether  what I said is true or false...

Only with actual execution with your own power, you will then gain the wisdom for your soul. 

It's YOU who will make the future happens, not me. 

I am only a "translator" who happens to see...

I may suggest what I know, but I will not force it upon you. 


If you believe wearing Red will bring you good luck for the new year, please do so. 

If you think it make no sense at all, then let it be, too. 


Because it's not what I tell you works will make any different, 

It's when you believe it works, it will...
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