A friend told me that she found a perfect way to describe energy, thought it was quite interesting to share with you all. 

She said that energy is like smell, you can smell them, but you can not touch them. 

They are not tangible, but you know they exist. 

you got bothered by it, pleased by it or even feel calm by it sometimes. 

good energy pleased you, but bad energy drive you crazy. Well, if you are as sensitive to smell as my friend, you will know just exactly what I am talking about.

When you get around bad smell, it attached on your clothes, on your hair and then you carry it home. (just like energy)

You will get rid of smell by having a shower, wash yourself off or even change your clothes etc. 

Well, that will work on getting rid of bad energy, too. 

Water is always such a good medium to clean things up.  When you have bad energy, water always help. 

have a bath, drink some warm water will be good start to clean up the bad energy attached on your body. 

For me, I liked to start with my comfort food. and find a way to vent out my frustration and get it over with within 24-36 hours. 

To filter energy, knowing your source is always very important. 

Where your bad energy come from and where you can source good energy to filter them is always good to know. 

Someone inspire you whenever you talk them? they might be a good source for you when you are low with your energy. 

There are always people like that around you. Keep your eye open, you will always find them. 

But remember to give in return when you are needed, otherwise, all good energy would be tired out if it's always one way. 


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