My friend's daughter told me yesterday that her father doesn't believe that I am a psychic. 

I looked at her with surprise, but quickly answered "That's fine by me.  Because I don't want to be a psychic either."

"So why are you a psychic?"

I shrugged "I don't think I have a choice on that.  I was born who I am.  I don't talk about what I see, that doesn't mean I don't see them.  I just now learn to be who I am without worrying how others judge me."

"Ya," She nodded, "My mom and I always laugh at my dad.  We think he over react to it sometimes."

I smiled and said "No. You dad is like everyone esle.  People put too much meaning towards the word 'psychic'.  They believe that psychic knows things that others don't.  And most of people are afraid to expose themselves in front of others, and that's why 'psychic' seems scary to them."  

"Do They really know everything?" 

I assumed she was refereing to 'psychic', so I said "nothing that the universe doesn't know."

"Then can you read what I am thinking?"

Somehow, this become a stereotype for anyone to test out a psychic.  My goodness, i wonder how many times do I have to explain myself that a psychic is not always a mind reader.  But I patiently explained myself to her, "I might seem like I read your mind, but I don't.  I would not know exactly what you think by word, but I can feel the intention and then use that intention to guess exactly what may apply."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that I can feel that you are hungry right now and you would like to eat something.  But I would not know what you would like to eat" Knowing she had allergy on almost everything, I refused to make a guess.

The little girl was shocked by what I said, so she hesitated for a little bit before she decided to asked with suspicion. "Ok.  Where do I want to go then?"

When the yellows signs jumped up to my mind, it was not difficult to say "Somewhere with yellow sign." even though I already know where it might be. 

She wanted to deny my answer, but quickly realized the place often have a big yellow sign on it.  so She asked again, "Ok. Then what do I want to eat?"

It was when I have savory taste on the tip of my tonque.  Deciding to demonstrate how it works for me, I said "I taste something savory.  I am going to assume you are craving for something salty."

She was shocked again, but continued, "What is it?"

"I don't know." I was honest, "But I am going to guess it's chicken nugget." Since I do not know too many savory food that would fit into that taste on the tip of my tonque, considered I do not eat out in Macdonald too often. 

"Wrong." She said, but decided to give me a clue "Do you want to guess what color it is?"  Somehow, she decided I must guess by the color of my vision. 

Just then, I laughed.  It's funny to see how straight forward a kid can be.  by now, I believed I already knew just exactly what she was craving for.  Something salty with softer texture, so I said "Fries.  I think you want to eat fries, right?"

She looked at me with big eyes and exclaimed "How do you know?!"

"When you are craving something so strongly, it then started to generate the taste and experience on your body.  I can synchronize with that sensation.  If it happens to be something I know or had before, it will be easier for me to guess." So I laughed "Do you want to go now or keep playing this game? because I can definitely use a coffee next door of that place you wanted to go."

As we started walking to Macdonald, I guessed she was happy that I was capable of guessing where she wanted to go since she was definitely hungry enough for a snack.  On the way there, she asked me "how come you don't care people believe you are a psychic or not?"

"Because they are not me." I explained "I cannot live my life worrying about how others think about me."

"But why does my mother get so upset when my dad doesn't believe her?"

I laughed, knowing this will probably be a difficult thing for a 9 years old to understand. "That's because she married your dad.  She must care about your dad enough to get so upset when your dad doesn't believe her." I kept laughing "I guess I don't care what your dad think of me, because I don't marry him."

"You cannot marry my dad." She laughed "because he already married my mom."

"That's right." I laughed with her, "And that's why your mom got upset and I don't."

haha...enough to mess up a 9 years old's mind.  Don't you think?

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