I am grateful that I see what I see, so I wouldn't accuse my kids for lying when they told me that they saw fairies.  Although lot of parents will support their kids to be creative and have imagination.  But there will come to some point in life that parent will make a comment like 'Don't be silly." when their kids told them that they just see a fairy.  "Don't be silly." then will be translated into "You are lying." in kid's mind.  which was definitely how I felt when I was kids when I told my mom that I saw ghost.   Eventually, I learned to be quiet.  Not that I didn't see the ghost anymore, it's just that I do not want to have anyone accuse me for lying when I was not.  

So when Max pointed out the fairy he saw, and I was able to see which fairy he was pointed to.  I felt shocked at first, but I do feel grateful after all that I do not have to make any comment like "Don't be silly." to him.  Instead, I am able to teach him what I know and how to be around them.   After all, I am happy that I see what I see, so my kids don't have to feel that they were accused lying when they are not.  AWESOME!

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