It's funny that Sue's daughter, Lauren, told her that everytime Sue is with me, we giggled like little kids. 

Really, I am not a giggling type of girl.  My husband believe that I only giggle when I have something to hide. 

In fact, I couldn't recall that I would giggle if I have something to hide considered I would be too nervous to even giggle.  I probably would smile quite awkwardly if I do have something to hide. anyway, who knows.  Maybe sometimes, others observes us way better than we do to ourselves. 

But do I giggle whenever I am with Sue?  I started to recall.  I probably do, considered she is one of the few who actually understand what I am talking about.  When people do understand the world I see and feel, it gave me so much more freedom to express myself.  When everything makes sense to the one listened, I guess it then became a funny topic to talk about, rather than having someone looking at me like 'what the hack are you talking about!'  (which I do get most of time.)

Not that I had never tried to express myself to others, it's just that most people already decided how they would label me before they listen to me.  For someone like me who see ghost, spirits, good and bad, god and devil, energy and intention, colors and aura, fairy and goblin...(you name it)  Most people had decided I must be freak or illusional before they would even listen to me!  Eventually, I learn to only talk about what they would like to hear and what I know rather than how I know it.  I guess I wouldn't be giggling because that would only be 10% of my actual life. 

but when I am able to share just about everything, and the one who listen not only understand me but also able to connect all the dots together.  Yes, it's funny when we can see how our life plan out for us.  where there is sign everywhere and events happened everyday for us to get to where we are and where we are going. 

I still don't think that I am type of woman who giggles.  but if I do, I guess I must be happy that someone finally understand what I am talking about and I no longer have to be someone I am not!  That's definitely something for me to be happy about! Don't you think?

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