Friend's daughter asked quite a interesting question the other day. 

She asked her mother "Mom, do you dream with your right brain or left brain?".  Not that she could tell the difference between dreaming with right brain or left brain, so I asked "Do you know the difference between dreaming with our right brain, or dreaming with your left brain?"

As I expected, she shaked her head. The reason for her to ask her mother that very specific question was simply curiosity!

So I laughed.  What an interesting question from a 9 years old girl. I had tendency to answer all childrens' question since I was quite a curious one when I was kid.  So I decided to tell her that "When people dream with their left brain, they use their logical mind.  If they dream with their right brain, they use their imagination."

"Logic? What is that?" She asked.

"Reality" I explained, "Things that you see and feel in the real world.  Take you for example, (she drew a picture with her dreaming Marshmallow earlier that day) you dream with your left brain, because you dream of you eating marshmallow.  which could be happened in reality, and also based on your interest."

She asked "So how about Marcus (her brother) dreamt of he kicking a ball and score a goal?"

"That would be dreaming with left brain, too.  Because he could kick a ball in real life and very likely to score a goal, too."

Now she is curious "So what kind of dream is dreaming with right brain?"

"When you dream of dragon, fairy, or santa claus, you are most likely using your right brain. "(Aside from imagination, right brain would also be storing the information with greater self- which is the knowledge greater than human's comprehension.)

"So, is it possible that people dreaming with their middle of brain?"

I smiled "Sadly, we don't have middle of brain to dream with. but we do have dream that is created by both right brain and left brain."

"Such as?"

"If your brother dreamed that he kicked a ball and score a goal, but he was riding a dragon to kick that ball, then he would be using both of his brain to make up that dream."

It was quite a interesting conversation, but does this give you an idea to figure out whether you are using your right brain or left brain to dream?

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