There's lot of people out there like to live in their emotion, making themselves a victim.

When you are living your life like a victim, you will automatically look for evidence to proof you are right, and continously feeling sorry for yourself thinking that everyone is trying to isolate you. 

So, you will only see the time when people are upset with you, but not the time when people are smiling to you. 

You will always believe that everyone hate you, but will reflect what you have done to cause the conflict. 

You will always feel that you are not including into the group...meanwhiles, reject all the attention and relationship if they don't come as what you expect.


I think...

When your heart is blurred by emotion, you will not be able to see the true value of the soul.


By saying this, I believe this is a task for everyone of us to work on...


When I still carried the hate toward my dad, I can only notice the side of him that really disguist me. 

But, till I start to release my hate toward him...(Not that it will make him a perfect person afterward...)

I was able to observe what my task was by choosing him to be my dad. 


There are lots of people complaint to me that poor people should NEVER have children.

(Maybe, the children are not able to enjoy the material world that we are living in.)

But, they are able to pick up what's the basic happiness and appreciate whatever they have. 

(Maybe, this is exactly why they choose their parents to be born with. )


There are people who has been abused by their other half, living in a violent house, 

They finally terminate the unhealthy relationship, but cannot help complaining what a miserable life they had. 

Not knowing that they have gain their strength and power to protect themselves, and appreciate who they really are.


When we chhose to have emotion represent our feelings, 

We will try everything we can to proof we are right. 

But we forget to think that there's always two sides on things. 

When we are so focusing making ourself the rightful one, have we ever consider what's on the other side?

The universe is continuously reminding us that...

there's two sides on everything. 

When there's day, there will be night. 

When there's birth, there will be death. 

To universe, there's no right or wrong on either side. 

But how about us?

When we are so used to live in rules, and used to one way thinking, 

We seldom consider other possibilities outside the box. 

There's lots of thing that when it comes to human's world, 

we automatically define it right, wrong, good or bad...


It reminds me more than year ago when Tsunami and China earthquake happened, 

My partner called me quite upsetly  and asked:

How could God be so cruel to us?

how can they make those innocent people suffered?

When are they going to stop punishing us?

Why are they taking so many life?

How do they expect us to learn, so they will finally forgive us?


Honestly, there's couple minutes my mind go blank, I was not sure how to answer her questions.  

But all the sudden, my mind got clear and said the following:

Those angels who is hurt or death because of those disasters, they have know what would happen to them before they were born.

A: Why?

I:  Because... people have to through major disaster, in order to look within and see what's  important in life ... it necessary to sacrifice so many persons?

I:When there's small disaster happens, there's only few people related will be influenced.  But only when such a big disaster happens, it's when everyone will be impacted by it.   It will remind us to appreciate what we have and what we own.  Those angels who has died or hurt didn't choose this life to be suffered, but to deliver a mission.   They carry a great mission that will make huamne think what the value of soul really is, and what really important in life.  This means... they have already forsee this would happened to them before they were born. 

A: But it's hard not to feel the pain when we see those innocent people got hurt throught those disaster...

I: What you can offer for them is your blessing and wishes, not sadness.  Your blessing will help them release from their pain and also elevate themselves into next level...


I don't usually know what I am talking about when I am saying it... (Lots of time, I am simply a translator.)

But once I spoke it, it usually will help me thinking. 

Througout the years, I have learned from what I experiences, 

where I also notice the more I learned, the more I was not able to define right or wrong. 


All I can say is...

sometimes... The true value of a soul...

You will be able to see it clearly as soon as you put your emotion aside. 

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