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Saw this from a News couple days ago...

It's about a Vancouver skyline photo from Cypress Mountain.

It got me thinking...


When we first learn to take a photo, we were trying to share the scenery that caught our breathe. 

Save the moment that's unstopable. 

Record the growing of our time..

Since when?  Most of us start taking picture for the money?

There are tons of paparazzi disregard other's privacy, trying really hard to take a photo that will make him a millionaire. 

When people see a beatiful scenery, they no longer feel like wanting to share the moment, but thinking how much can this photo make them?

So... as much as people may see a beautiful photo, the beauty cannot synchronized by heart. 

When we see the photo that looks like "our photo", we  fight for our "copyright" without thinking there may be other people felt the same moment just like we did. 

Just like what the news said:

there will be about 15 photos looks JUST LIKE THE ONE ABOVE sent to the station every month. 

They all claimed THEY took the photo!

So the weather host said: please stop sending the photo to me any more! 


What I am curious is...

Where's the feeling wanting to share the moment when we first take the photo of a beautiful scene?

If we simply want to share the moment, how would it matter who take the pictures any way?

Gossip magazine always said that: Because readers want it, so they will keep buying photo from Paparazzi, 

So...Aren't we really THE ONE who push those paparazzi to invade other's privacy?

How would we feel if WE are the one who cannot even have a piece of quiteness to ourselves?


People used to pay models tons of money in order to take a beautiful photo before, 

But how about those photo from paparazzi that doesn't even get the permission from the person?  

If the one being photo didn't charge you anything, how do you use the photo to charge others?

Also, how about those scenery?

Does mountain and sky charge you anything when taking a photo?  

If not, how do you decide you own that very moment?

Or you are very certain no one has ever been to this very place, no one has ever experience the same moment as you?


The world wide web make us clearly see that there's a lots of people out there feeling the same thing as we do, 

thinking the same thought as we do. 

Because the convienience of internet, we are able to see that...

Beautiful photo can be taken by some un-professional photographer. 

Beautiful stories can be written by un-professional writer. 


I think...This will be a forever myth. 

Until we can really figure out how to share knowledge and contribute energy between each other just like those spirits in all levels, 

People will always learn to balance between making money and sharing the moment. 


I just think this...

When the moment we would like to take a picture, 

how about trying to keep the thought of sharing the moment?

So the wonderful energy can still be retain within the photo.
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