depression440I have lots of people debat with me on this point whenever I said "you have chosen your own parents to learn your purpose of life..."

I do see your point on "why would I choose an abusive parent then?"

Well...So you learn how to be strong and respectful on yourself.

I have seen spirits all my life, communicate with them for the past 5+ years. 

It took me nearly 4 years to realize what they have told me is true.   It's NEVER right or wrong in human standards to decide whether they are perfect parents for us, but whether they will provide us the platform of task or not. 

Sadly, spirit only learn from "TOUGH" situation, and none of us learn anything from a happy life.  

So... that's why our life is always full of all kinds of up and down in order to balance it.

You will NEVER see a expecting parents going to any spiritual supermarket and said :

hmm...I would like that kid to be my child.  the one that doesn't cry throught the night and well behave throught all the teenage life, the one who will eventually make lots of money and support us, respect us... yah..that one! We would like that one to be our kid...

Right, none of us come with a nutrition facts or warnings when we were born.  So most of our parents didn't know what to expect from us.  

But most of us when in spiritual form before becoming someone's baby.  

We studied our parents - there will be at least 20 years of history in each individual to study what kind of person they are, and there will be various length of history of their love relationship to study,  includes what issue they have been having, what kind of future to expect before we choose them to be our parents.   

and yes, if you have siblings, count them in, too!   

Your whole surrounding will not create for you in order to make you HAPPY, which is human's justification any way,  But to be able to setup a platform for your purpose of life!  

No matter what kind of parents they are, Best or Worse parents in human standards, the bottom line is...

What do you pick up and learn from it?  

Have you ever been in a fight with someone, and heard yourself saying something like - This is how I got brought up to be! or... this is WHO I AM!  

Well, who I am doesn't come from no where!

That WHO I AM will have to come from somewhere!

and if you happened to continously have some flight with anyone (Well, not really anyone.  But mostly those you end up in the relationship with...such as your other half.) regarding to that WHO I AM issue!  Yah... that WHO I AM is most likely your purpose of life!  and don't be arrogant to think it is DEFINITELY his/her issue, not MINE!  Well, The true is that it's NEVER one way!  it's both way tasks!

That WHO I AM issue is EXACTLY why you choose your parents to be born with! (GOOD or BAD ones) It's exactly why you feel everyone is against you, so you can WORK IT!

You job is not to convince others to go your way, or compliment yourself to go their way, but to figure out the most balance way between two of you!  Once you both work it out and find out the most balance way, it will then become the wisdom to both of you! (which I called credit of life)

So... Why would I choose an abusive parent that treat me wrongfully?

Well, I don't know! Because I have one myself, too. 

(See, in spiritual world, there's no right or wrong! - try to comprehance this, even though I know it is difficult...)

But I do know this...

Because I mean TOTALLY NOTHING to my dad, I have grown to learn how to value myself and respect myself disregards what others said about me! 

Is it easy?

No! But I come to be quite proud of the strength I had gained and who I am at this stage!

So, did you choose your parents?

Believe me, you did!  No matter how bad they are!

So instead of living in a miserable world, wasting your time complaining how bad they were!  You may well spend some time to figure out what your task is, then work it and move on!  

After all, it's what you learn from it counts!  It's not who they are will make any differences!

(Well, do believe me!  As much as parents may seems to make your life difficult... You didn't really make theirs easy any way... It's task for both way!  -  I can confidently say this after being a parent myself! :) )
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