My higher spirit often tell me something I do not understand at the moment, but later will figure out through life.

Sometimes, he will ask me to write them down, and figure it out later.

Usually it's when a task may require more than 6 months to understand.

So the following story happened to me roughly about 3 years ago...

One day, I got up and rush myself to write down something on the paper. (Which is not something I will do if you know me.)

My husband asked me: what are you doing?

I: Writing down something my higher spirit want me to write...

My husband: what is it?

I : I don't know.  I only have to write them down.

He: But don't you have to understand what it is, before you put them in words?

I: Not really. I think I just have to write down what he wants me to write and then figure them out later...

So my husband waited quite patiently until I finished writing, and asked me again what it is...

Then, I start to look back on what I have been scribbling and simply translate word by word on what I wrote to him.

(Mainly because I was not sure what it meant, either...)

and here is what I wrote:

Red = Fire

Green = Wood/Plants

Blue = Water

Yellow = Earth

White = Air

Orange = Ray / Gold

In order to understand how it interact with each other, you will first have to understand how energy function.

Understanding the functions of the energy, apply it into human energy.

This is the energy of the colors.

Not to mentioned that my husband had no idea what it means.

I , the one who wrote it down, is also totally clueless.

My husband asked again: what does this mean?

I: How would I know?  It means nothing to me...

In Chinese, we talked about 5 essential energy which is fire, wood, water, earth, and gold,

But my higher spirit wants me to write down 6 of them?

What energy?  How to interact? and how to apply this on human?

What are they talking about?

My husband asked: don't you need to figure it out?

I: No...I don't think so.  If this is something I will figure out soon, they won't bother to ask me to write it down.

But if you are living the life I am in right now, you will be quite clearly understand any recording will come following tasks for me to work on.

3 months after I put all those on the paper,

I start to see the "colors" he wants me to write down before.

All those things starts to have colors surround them.  Even Air...

It shocked me for awhile.

Because EVERYTHING I see, will have some kind of colors surround it.

It took me nearly a month to get used to this.

Everything start to have its color. Even Air is colored.

Everything has it's own energy, and the energy become colors in front of my eyes.

the more simple the energy is, the more simple the color is.

It tooks me nearly 6 months to understand, this is what my higher spirit want me to wrote down before.

Through the actual colors flows, I see how energy functions.

I saw every energy need other energy in order to fully function.

And those is definitely not something I would think about if they don't make it this clear for me.

I notice:

Fire cannot exist without air and wood,

Wood/Plants cannot survive without earth, water, air and Ray,

And Air cannot be created without Wood/Plants, water and Ray...

and so on...

They have make my life quite colorful and create a nature lab for me to live in for nearly 6 months.

After this, I thought I have done what they want me to learn, and start to respect the existence of the energy.

But then, They start to swift all the colors into Humans...

This is when I start to see the colors in Human.

At first, I was not quite sure how to deal with this.  Mostly because I am not sure how color on the human can be related to the natures...

But then, through observation and studies,

I start to realize there's some kind of similarity between human and natures.

such as, human in green color may have some quality as wood/plant

and some human in orange color may bring brightness into others life etc...

Luckily, I have done my homework prior to this,

So I am able to apply what I learned into what I saw, and start to amaze myself by realizing how energy works.

Every existence or the energy are here to help with each other.

(and this is when I start to setup In-Spirit, Hoping I am able to spread out energy in a not so obvious way...)

At the beginning, I was like everyone else, thinking color on the people will not change.

But through all those returning customer and clients,  Together with some long term observations,

I start to realize that the most perfect energy in human is to contain all energy and use them when needed.

and this is when I also learn this:

When people think, it activate certain energy...( It becomes colors in front of my eyes...)

and this activating energy will start to radiate according to it's need.

and this is where I start talking about " Though is a very powerful energy".

I am not quite sure what's the law of attraction, but following is based on what I saw...

When human thinks, it activate certain energy.

This energy will then start radiate.

(It will depends on how hard you think about it to decide how far it radiate...)

Through the radiation, it will then bring back the same or supporting energy back to you.

To exercise this energy, I will suggest you to start with something small. ( for example....looking for a parking spot is always a good start.)

Once you start to get the sense of it, you will then know how to get it works on bigger wishes.

Now, It has been 3 years since I last made the note on the paper.

I am now quite used to see colors flowing in the air and surrounding natures.

I am also good at choosing to see and choosing not to see...

And here is what my conclusion are when I look back at that paper...

Thought, definitely contain energy.

There's no energy can exist by itself.

Respect energy, you will then see the value of the energy.

If you see the value of the energy, you can then apply on yourself.

In order to receive energy, you will first learn how to contribute.

(You will notice, this is how all energy works)

And, Your life is definitely COLORFUL! (If you ever look...)
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