Happend to watch TV today and saw Oprah have a series of "living your best life".

Interesting enough, I would love to know what they have to offer. 

(Honestly, I may not be a big fan of Oprah, but I definitely admire what she has done and doing.  and all her contribution to the world. )

Speaking of living the best. 

It seems like when people talk about "best", there's only positive energy.  When people want to be their best, only good thing are allowed to be done. 

Not that I am here to encourage any bads, but I just start to wondering: how about those other emotions and feeling that come with us since the first day we were born? and how about those tears and pain we first learn to deal with?

It left me to wonder: does living the best simply mean putting all the negative that we were born with aside and be denial about it?

I am totally in the stand of being your best.  

But that for me is not only what the best you can present to the world, what the best you can do.  But the best you can be to be truth to yourself.  

Because I realize how always wanted to be the "BEST" will eventually tire ourselves out, how "Being Best" always slowly truns into stress and we can no longer meet the expectation even to ourselves.   "Being Best", we have learn to used all our fuel and forget to recharge. 

But how about being best simply means I will be the best to EVERY feeling I have, and EVERY thing I am doing. (Whether it meets other's standards or not?  But rather to be truth to yourself?)

By saying being truth to yourself means making one action without giving any justification.  

celebrate everything of you and everything that has come to you.  Instead of denying the negative and justifying what the best should be. You will simply be. 

If you feel sad, celebrate the sadness and cry.  If you feel happy, then celebrate the happiness and laugh.   As soon as you come to be true to your own self, you will then start to realize that you will not only shorten the time of miserable, but also extend the time of the best in yourself. 

When you learn to really appreciate your true self, you will then not to give any execuse for what to do or not to do in your daily life, but simply be.  

If you feel healthy, you will not allow any junk food store in your body.  If you feel your body need a walk, you will simply go for a walk without any execuse or reason.  If you feel like sleeping, you sill simply go for a nap in order to restore the energy for the next coming task.   and you will also be aware when you are justifying for your own bad habbit..(such as trying to avoid task by going to sleep and said to yourself that this is your way of being true to yourself.  You see, you will simply do it without giving any reason or thought to it.)

'coz by celebrating every part of you, good or bad, you will then not allow youself to live in any denial, but simply living as it is. 

You will be coming so close to your sense, that you will just know what to do with yourself.   By simply being yourself, you will then contribute the energy back to this universe without even notice about it. 

As it's for me, that's Living your best. 

Every emotion deserve an celebration by letting it simply be. 

and I sure wish all of you will be living your best and celebrate the life with me.
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